ROH TV Recap: Jay Lethal Vs. Sonjay Dutt, Four Corner Survival Proving Ground Match, More

This week's episode of ROH TV opens with a recap of the events leading to the ROH Title Tournament.

Four Corner Survival Proving Ground Match for a shot at the ROH World TV Title
Vinny Marseglia vs. Todd Hanson vs. Brian Fury vs. Kongo

Everyone adheres to the Code of Honor except Kongo. Vinny and Fury start things off. They lock up and chain wrestle. Vinny lands a dropkick and Hanson tags in for Fury. He attacks Vinny from behind. Hanson clubs Vinny's head on the mat. Vinny comes back via a hurricanrana, sending Hanson into the corner. Hanson slams Vinny to the mat. Kongo tags in for Hanson. He bites Vinny on the forehead and headbutts him.

Kongo bounds off the ropes and Fury tags himself in. Vinny pulls the ropes down and Kongo flies outside. Hanson dives through the center rope, taking Kongo out. Then, Fury runs and dives, taking both Kongo and Hanson out. Vinny goes up top and dives off, taking out everyone. Hanson rolls in the ring. Vinny tries to follow, but Hanson catches him in Pedigree position. He flips Vinny over his back, but Vinny slides out and they exchange strikes.

Hanson gets Vinny with a big clothesline. Kongo attacks Hanson and tries to pin him, but Fury comes in and attacks Kongo. Kongo rams Fury into the corner. Vinny leaps off the top rope at Kongo, but Kongo catches him and hits a Samoan Drop. Kongo hits Vinny with a running butt bump in the corner. He tries to do it to Fury, who pops up and hits a super kick. Then, Hanson hits Kongo with a huge kick. Fury attacks Hanson, and Hanson tosses Fury into the corner. Hanson hits multiple back elbows.

Hanson goes for a Bronco Buster, but Fury moves and counters with a neckbreaker. Vinny attacks Fury from behind and hits a flying elbow in the corner. Vinny hits a Russian legsweep. He then hits Fury with a big DDT. Matt Taven starts arguing with Kevin Kelly on the outside and when things cut back to the ring, Fury hits Vinny with his finisher for the win.

Winner and number one contender: Brian Fury

Mike Sydal and Zizou Middoux vs. C&C Wrestle Factory

Sydal and Coleman start things off. They tie up and Coleman hits a fireman's carry. He locks in Sydal's arm. Coleman goes for a dropkick, but Sydal holds onto the ropes. Sydal goes for a big boot, but Coleman dodges and hits a dropkick. Alexander comes in and attacks Sydal. Sydal reverses and tags in Zizou. Zizou runs at Alexander, but Alexander hits a backdrop. Alexander hits a running kick to the face. Alexander gets whipped and Sydal kicks his back at the ropes.

Alexander hits Zizou and then goes to bound off the ropes again, but Sydal snaps his neck across the top rope. Alexander turns around and gets hit with a dropkick by Zizou. Sydal holds the ropes down and Alexander tumbles out. Sydal attacks Alexander on the outside. Alexander gets sent back in. Sydal gets tagged in and Sydal and Zizou hit Alexander with a double team dropkick.

Sydal snap mares Alexander and then kicks him in the head. Zizou comes in and clubs Alexander in the back. Alexander tries to fight back, but Zizou gets a knee to the head. Zizou goes for a leg drop, but Alexander moves and tries to tag in Coleman. Sydal runs over and hits Coleman off the apron. Alexander kicks both Zizou and Sydal in the head and tags in Coleman.

Coleman goes up top and jumps ¾ of the way across the ring, taking Sydal out. He attacks Zizou with a pair of elbows to the head and then follows up with head strikes. Coleman hits a trio of suplexes for a near pin fall. He charges Zizou in the corner, who moves. Sydal runs over and attacks Coleman in the corner and then Zizou hits a dropkick. Alexander sends Sydal outside and then tosses Zizou over the top rope. He goes for a dive, but Sydal stops him with a knee to the face.

Sydal jumps in the air on the apron and C&C pull his legs apart so that he lands on the apron in a splits position. Coleman kicks him through the ropes in the corner. Cedric takes both Zizou and Sydal out with a dive. C&C sends Zizou into the ring and hit Overtime for the win.

Winners: C&C Wrestle Factory

Inside ROH is next. A brief recap of the events leading to the tournament is shown. Kelly talks about Nigel putting more focus on the tag division and then C&C Wrestle Factory cut a promo where they talk about wanting a title shot. Then, a recap of the American Wolves winning the tag titles at All Star Extravaganza is shown. Finally, Kelly interviews Adam Cole. Cole talks about how important the tournament is. Kelly asks about Cole being friends with Corino and SCUM. Cole talks about becoming the champion being his only focus.

Then, Nigel is in the ring and talks about the tournament. Cary Silkin is in the ring as well, and Nigel talks about how ROH wouldn't be there if not for him. Nigel asks Silkin how important the ROH World Champion is to the company. Silkin says the ROH Title is the most important title in all of wrestling. Nigel then acknowledges Joe Koff, ROH's COO, who is standing in the ring too. Nigel talks about how important Koff is to the company. Nigel asks how important the tournament is to the company. Koff says he doesn't have to tell the fans how important the tournament is and since the fans are waiting, let's start it.

ROH World Championship Tournament
Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

They chain wrestle and both wrestlers get pin attempts. They chain wrestle some more and Dutt gets a hurricanrana. Lethal rolls to the outside. Dutt slide kicks him beneath the ropes. He hurricanranas Lethal. Lethal gets sent back inside. Dutt lands a leg drop. He locks Lethal in a submission. Lethal fights out. Lethal gets a dropkick to the head. He slams Dutt's head into the turnbuckle. Dutt fights back and they exchange strikes.

Lethal gets a clothesline. He locks in Dutt's waist on the mat. Dutt fights out and bounds off the ropes, but Lethal knocks him down. Lethal hits a body slam and drops two elbows. He sends Dutt into the corner again and hits a chop. Dutt reels to another corner and Lethal hits another chop. Lethal charges Dutt. Dutt puts his boots up. Lethal catches Dutt's boots and Dutt ends up on the apron. Lethal goes up top and dropkicks Dutt, sending him to the outside. Lethal dives between the ropes, taking him out.

Back from commercial and Dutt hurricanranas Lethal off the top rope. Lethal reverses Dutt's attack into a tombstone position, but Dutt reverses out of that and hits a DDT. The two wrestlers exchange strikes. Sonjay comes out on top and hit a running boot in the corner. He sets Lethal up top and head scissors him off. He then flips onto Lethal for a near pin fall.

Dutt hits a big clothesline. He goes up top and goes for a moonsault. Lethal moves and tries for a super kick, but Dutt catches his foot and hits a super kick of his own. Dutt hits another kick to the head, but Lethal counters quickly with the Lethal Combination for a near pin fall.

Lethal snapmares Dutt. He keeps the attack up and gets a near pin fall. Lethal hits a body slam and signals for the Hail to the King elbow drop. Dutt gets up and kicks Lethal in the face from the apron. Lethal falls down, his head on the center rope. Dutt goes up top and drops a leg on Lethal's head. Dutt springboards off the top rope and flies towards Lethal, but Lethal puts his knees up. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Dutt dropkicks him in the head.

Lethal rolls outside. Dutt goes up top and leaps off, taking Lethal out. He rolls Lethal inside for a near pin fall. Dutt goes for a neckbreaker. Lethal reverses into tombstone position again. Dutt reverses into a roll up attempt for a near pin fall. Lethal gets a Superkick to the back of the head. Lethal hits the Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal


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