Scott Steiner Talks Problems With Ric Flair In WCW, Chasing Flair In The Parking Lot

Great North Wrestling recently spoke with Scott Steiner, who discussed his problems with Ric Flair. Steiner revealed that he caught heat for a promo he cut on Flair on an episode of Monday Nitro.

"It was so close to the truth, everything I said," Steiner said. "After I did that, I expected a confrontation in the back. But I got to the back, and somebody said he [Flair] went into a room and started crying."

Steiner then said that Flair and JJ Dillon tried to get him fired. He said that he received word at the Thunder tapings the next night that he was being suspended, and was sent home.

"F-ck it, time off," Steiner said. "So I was walking through the parking lot and Flair comes up. [I said], 'you motherf-cker.' I was going to punch him then. He starts running, [saying], 'I didn't have nothing to do with it.' [I said] 'Why do you know about it then if you know nothing about it, 'cause you're just getting to the building."

You can listen to Steiner discuss the incident in the video above.

While Steiner cut several promos on Flair in WCW, I believe the one that he is referring to is from the episode on February 7, 2000, which you can watch below. In the promo, Steiner accused Flair of ripping off Buddy Rogers and causing Steve Austin to be fired. He ended the promo by exclaiming, "WCW sucks!"