– TMZ caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, which you can watch in the video above. During the interview, HBK was asked about Darren Young revealing that he was gay. Michaels said that being gay in the business was “very ’80s,” and that is was a “nice and safe time for him.” HBK noted that it wasn’t a big deal, and that it’s “hip to be gay right now.”

– The video below was posted on Instagram of Kassius Ohno working in the strength & conditioning facility at the WWE Performance Center. As noted last month, there were plans to introduce him to the main roster this summer, which were nixed. People within the company were impressed with his in-ring skills and his promos, and had asked him to improve his physique while creative worked on his introduction. According to trainers at NXT, Ohno seemed reluctant in the weightlifting and gym sessions, although he continued to receive high marks for his overall attitude and the great effort in his daily in-ring sessions. He was removed from some TV tapings after word got back to Triple H that he skipped gym time.