Stars React To Ted Dibiase's Departure, SmackDown Rating, Former Star Says Dibiase Better Than Orton

- Last Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown averaged 2.572 million viewers, according to TV By The Numbers. Viewers up 7% from the previous week's episode, which averaged 2.4 million viewers.

- As noted earlier, Ted Dibiase decided not to re-sign with WWE and renew his contract. Several stars took to their Twitter to comment on Dibiase's departure, here are some of their messages:

Bob Holly: "Hate to hear that but dont blame him. He is better than most in WWE. Once again proves talent doesnt dictate success, the guy is a great athlete and a unbelievable heel. Politics must be keeping him from the top.. I have worked and watched him, he has EVERY tool it takes to be #1, but yet they push guys who cant get over.

"Ted is just as good as Randy, if not better in every way, his promos were SOOOO good too. It just proves WWE wrong in every way when they say the talent dictates their push....NOT TRUE, Especially here.. They choose not to do anything with him.."

Justin Gabriel: "Gonna miss ya man!"

Curt Hawkins: ?"Sad to see @TedDiBiase go. Enjoyed getting to know him better these past few years. Glad we finally got to face off recently too. Good luck."

The Usos: "@TedDiBiase Sup uce!!! Hope everything goes well with you and your family. Goodluck out there!! Always are uce!!"

Curtis Axel: ?"Love ya brother!"

Tyson Kidd: "Good luck @TedDiBiase I hope to see you soon. Some memorable and fun times together"

- Ted Dibiase responded to the support he's been receiving, tweeting, "I'm reading through all your responses and just want to say thank you so much for your encouragement and support! It means more than u know!"


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