Steve Austin Talks Daniel Bryan And The "It Factor," John Cena's In-Ring Work, ROH, More

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV's Smackdown and Redneck Island aftershows last Sunday night. In his appearance, Austin gives his thoughts on Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Ring of Honor. He also talks about how the industry has changed since his time. Here are some highlights:

How wrestling has changed: "It's a different game out there right now. These kids aren't getting enough time to tell the whole story.... the product inside the ring is at a more accelerated pace, so what comes with that is not total selling of everything you can sell. You do something to elicit a response... It's a short attention span theater and guys are moving faster than I'd like them to be, they're overselling a lot of stuff in the wrong way and underselling stuff in the wrong way as well. Everybody seems to be coming from the same camp these days. That has its pros and its cons."

Ring of Honor: "I like Ring of Honor, but sometimes these guys overwork themselves and try to go too much into the nuances, the shoulder slapping and the pulling up of the trunks, you know the little time fillers... They almost go back to a caricature of what was real deal wrestling. I do like the product."

Daniel Bryan and the "It Factor": "You've got to have it. You look at a cat like Daniel Brian, who is a hard worker, can wrestle, can tell a great story. The it factor was undiscovered. It has been discovered and now this kid is having great success with super strong talent."

John Cena's in ring work: "Cena can have a great match with anybody, but he needs somebody who can bring it out of him."

Source: AfterBuzz TV


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