Sam Roberts recently chatted with Steve Austin. Here are some highlights from their talk.

If he has not been at the past few Wrestlemanias to avoid sharing the spotlight with the Rock: “I don’t need a spotlight. As long as I got a flashlight, and I’m in the woods and I’m hunting deer on the Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas. No [just kidding], every time Wrestlemania rolls around there’s speculation. There’s always hey, will so and so show up here, will Steve be here, who’s The Rock going to fight or whatever. There’s always going to be that, and I’m down with it. I don’t want to fight or wrestle, no pun intended, for any spotlight. I’m just happy. This is the place I know and love, the WWE. It’s where my roots are. I got body parts scattered all over the world from working with this company.”

Which wrestlers he currently likes: “I like those young cats from The Shield. I have never met one single member of The Shield personally, but I like what I see on TV. There are three cats there that when they split those guys up, they could go on to individual success. All three of em. Star potential on all of em. But right now, they’re green as grass, they’re learning, they’re a great unit, it’s not time to split em up yet. I got my eyes on those guys.”

How long did it take for him to be able to watch wrestling after leaving WWE: “It took a while. It took a long time to get out of my system. It was almost like going through withdrawals. I’ve never been hooked on anything, but if I was hooked on anything it was the business of wrestling. It took a long time to get out of my system.”

You can check out the whole interview above.

Source: Sam Roberts