Titus O'Neil On If Darren Young Coming Out Affects PTP, Vince's Thoughts On “Pancake” Patterson

As noted earlier, Sam Roberts recently chatted with Titus O'Neil at the recent Superstars For Hope party. Here are some highlights from the chat.

What does he think Vince McMahon thought of his Rufus "Pancake" Patterson segment (watch) from last March: "I think Vince is all about entertainment, that's what WWE stands for, and one conversation in his office with my uncle, he said you know what? Let him speak to the WWE Universe."

His thoughts on Darren Young coming out: "Nonchalant, because it's no big deal. It's a big deal to most because it's the first time that it's ever been done in the WWE or professional wrestling period. He's the first one to come out and openly announce that he's gay. At the end of the day, it's no big deal."

Was he aware before: "Yeah. Again, it's no big deal."

Does he worry Young's sexuality will affect the Prime Time Players at all: "No, I don't care. Darren's truly a friend to me."

Is Young's coming out a source of pride for him as well: "Yeah, it is because I know the man that Darren is and I know the individual that he is and to be able to say that my friend was the first and he set a tone for many others to be able to express who they are. I'm very proud of him."

Is it a load off of Darren's shoulders: "Oh yeah, huge, tremendous, because now it's out there and it's a positive. It's not 20 years ago when certain things were frowned upon. The world was different."

You can check out the whole chat above.


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