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- Impact opens with a shot of Tessmacher's butt. She walks up to Bully Ray in the back and says, "You have this (the title) and this (her), how bad could anything be?" He grabs her hand and heads to the ring.

- We go to a recap of last week and then to crowd shots from Cleveland, OH. It is the final night of singles competition in the BFG Series.

- Bully Ray makes his entrance with Aces & 8's and Tito Ortiz. Bully cuts an in-ring promo and says he is in a really bad mood. He says someone is missing from the ring, Devon. He puts the mic in front of Garett and asks what happened. Garett says he wasn't that close to Devon but he is mad. Knux says he did his job. Wes says he doesn't know what happened. Mr. Anderson says he doesn't know either but Devon knew the consequences. He tells Bully that it is what it is. Bully says Devon has always been a disappointment and a loser. He says he never needed Devon. He points to Tito and says that is the only man he needs. Anderson looks somewhat disgusted. Bully says he wants to give Tito his own cut. Anderson takes exception and wants to put it to a vote. Bully puts him in his place. Bully calls Miss Tessmacher out to the ring.

Brooke comes out with an Aces & 8's cut. Bully goes to put it on Tito but Anderson gets in the way and shakes his finger at Bully. Bully backs Anderson into the corner and warns him to stay. Bully puts the vest on Tito and rips off Devon's patch. Bully says if anyone doesn't like it can get out. Bully says he heard his father-in-law is here tonight. The crowd chants for Hogan. Bully wants to introduce Hogan to the only Brooke that has mattered in his life.

- We go to another video of Jeff Hardy talking about the BFG Series. He calls for his Creatures to "mount up."

- Back from a commercial to a shot of Hulk Hogan walking in the building from earlier in the day.

- Magnus leads the BFG followed by Roode, Daniels, and Aries all with, at or above, 28 points. Joe rounds out the top 5 with 26.

BFG Series: Jeff Hardy vs. Kazarian

They both go to work with fast-paced pin attempts and reversals. Hardy sends Kaz to the floor with a head scissors and dives onto him. He rolls Kaz back in but Kaz hangs him out to dry on the ropes and pounds him on the mat. Kaz hits a leg lariat for 2. Kaz with a legdrop for 2. Hardy blocks a suplex and drops Kaz on his face. The ref counts them both; Kaz gets up first and they trade shots. Hardy hits the ropes and connects with a flying axe. Hardy applies a figure-4. Kaz reverses it, almost; he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Kaz reverses a Twist of Fate with a backslide for 2.

Hardy blocks Kaz from up top and hits the Twist. Hardy goes up and hits the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Jeff Hardy

- Aces & 8's, without Bully, complain amongst themselves in the back about Tito being "voted" in without them. Anderson says if this keeps up, they will have to make a vote that Bully won't be too happy about.

- Back from a break to footage of AJ Styles pinning Devon from last week.

- Hardy is now in 3rd place in the BFG.

Knockouts #1 Contenders Match (2 out of 3 Falls): Gail Kim vs. ODB

Gail goes for a quick takedown and gets about a 1. ODB overpowers her and hits a delayed vertical suplex for 2. Gail Kim drops ODB on her knee and goes to work with stomps. Kim continues to focus on the knee. Gail applies a modified Texas Cloverleaf and ODB taps.

Winner of first fall by submission: Gail Kim

We return from a commercial to the 2nd fall in progress. Kim is still working on the hurt leg of ODB with kicks. Back to commercial. OK, we are back for real now. Kim goes for the submission again but ODB rolls her up for a pin.

Winner of second fall by pin: ODB


Kim wastes no time going back to work. She applies a leglock around the post and the ref counts her off. ODB fights back up to a vertical base and gets 2. ODB's leg gives out and Gail takes the offense back. ODB grabs Kim and applies a modified Sharpshooter and Gail taps.

Winner by submission and New TNA Knockouts #1 Contender: ODB

- Velvet Sky gives her thoughts on the Knockouts Division in the back. She says she has had some personal issues with Chris Sabin which is why she was absent the past couple of weeks.

- Daniels complains to Roode in the back about Hogan coming back and throwing his weight around. Roode tells him to take care of Aries and Roode will take care of AJ. Daniels leaves to take care of it right now.

- Austin Aries gives JB and interview and references the Bel Biv Devoe song, Poison. He puts over AJ Styles. Aries is interrupted by Daniels who is mad why Aries didn't join The Gentlemen. Daniels says he will knock Aries on his a** flatter than Miley Cyrus' a**. They edit the "a- -" out of that last line. Aries says he will hit Daniels so hard, his hair will grow back.

- Hogan blows off the interviewer in the back from earlier in the day. He says everything will be explained later and that he has a big announcement.

- It's the top of the hour and we reset with video of AJ's face turn and Devon's departure.

- Samoa Joe leads out the Main Event Mafia. It's only him, Sting, and Rampage. Rampage takes the mic in his camouflage suit. He says he will not wait until their Bellator fight to get his hands on Tito. Samoa Joe takes the mic and says one man stepped up to the plate last week when the chips were down, AJ Styles. Sting is fired up and praises AJ and invites him to formally join MEM. Sting starts an AJ chant. AJ's heel music hits and he walks out in his hooded leather jacket. He stops, the music stops, and his face music hits and he "transforms."

AJ gets a thunderous response and he thanks MEM but says that he needs to do this himself. MEM leave the ring. AJ says he respects the MEM but he is not a suit and tie guy. AJ says he has developed trust issues over the past year. He says his friends turned their backs on him and the guys in the truck aired footage without asking him if it was true, all for "good (read: bad) television." He says he only trusts Allen Jones. He says he is with no one.

AJ says he is better than the Best in the World, he is the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Some people start to chant "You can't talk" or "CM Punk." It changes to "Yes" chants when he says this is just a job for him that just plain sucks. He says he has been shafted when he is the hardest working man in the building. He shouts to Mike Tenay and Dixie Carter that he deserves better. He says he has been the go-to guy for 11 years just to watch big starts being brought in and fail. He says he has carried the company on his shoulders when their "new direction" kept failing. AJ says he has learned to embrace being the go-to guy and make guys tap and send the fans home happy. He says he will win the BFG and go on to become the World Champion.

(This was easily AJ's best promo. He still isn't as polished as he needs to be and the promo dragged a little, but the intensity was there and he kept his southern accent under control for the most part. That will have to go if he is ever going to make it in WWE, if he ends up there. Or maybe it will work for him, who knows. Content-wise, he had the better "Pipebomb" of the week but the "other" AJ got him on delivery.)

Bobby Roode's music hits and he makes his entrance as we go to break.

BFG Series: Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles

AJ goes for a calf killer quickly but Roode escapes to the outside to regroup. AJ hits a nice dropkick and Roode goes back to the floor. AJ hits a moonsault from the ramp and takes Roode out. AJ hits a backbreaker in the ring and applies a camel clutch. Roode gets out and his a spinebuster and starts putting the boots to AJ on the mat. Roode hits a nice suplex for 2. Styles comes back with his own spinebuster and springs into a moonsault but avoids the pin because he needs the points from a submission. AJ hits a Pele. AJ springs off the top rope but Roode pushes him off and transitions into a submission but AJ reverses into a calf killer. Roode reaches the ropes. AJ rolls Roode up for the pin.

Winner of 7 points by pin: AJ Styles

AJ is still below the red line with 29 points. Roode is at #2 with 34 points.

BFG Series: Austin Aries vs. Daniels

They lock up and Daniels puts on a clinic for 2. Aries rakes Daniels' chest and hits a Dusty Rhodes elbow, slaps Daniels in the back of the head and lounges on the ropes. Daniels escapes to the floor and avoids the contact from a baseball slide. Aries goes to try again with a suicide dive but Daniels kicks him in the face and gets 2.

Back from a break as Daniels is in control in the ring. Daniels hits a neckbreaker for 2. They collide in the center but it looks like Aries got the better of the exchange with a lariat. They get up and trade shots on their feet in the center. Aries goes on a flurry and hits a pendulum elbow for 2. Aries hiptosses Daniels to the floor and dives onto him, into the security rail. Back in the ring, Daniels ducks Aries from up top and hits a sit-down powerbomb for 2. Aries hits a missile dropkick from up top and another running dropkick from out of the corner. Daniels counters the Brain Buster and gets 2.

Daniels catches Aries in the mouth with a boot. The crowd chants this is awesome. Aries follows up with a dropkick to the face out of nowhere and hits the Brain Buster for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Austin Aries

Aries is now in 2nd place with 35 points.

- We go to the back as Bully tells Tito he feels bad about making a mockery out of Hogan. He says he really doesn't feel bad. Bully tells Tito check Anderson if he gets out of line.

- Hulk Hogan makes his entrance as we return from a commercial. He gets a thunderous response. Hogan says he has been away taking care of business and it feels good to be back. He has the BFG Leaderboard be put on the big screen. Hogan says he met with Spike TV executives and they decided they need one more match in the BFG Qualifiers. He says there will be a Gauntlet Match next week for 20 points.

Aces & 8's music hits and Bully walks out with Brooke Tessmacher. Bully says, "Dad! You're back!" He puts the title in Hogan's face and says a lot has happened since Hogan's been gone. Hogan cuts him off when Bully goes to introduce Brooke. Hogan says he has also been taking care of personal business. Hogan pulls out divorce papers and throws them at Bully and says his daughter can now move on with her life. Bully says he never cared about Hogan's daughter and he is now in cruise control until Bound for Glory.

Hulk asks him if Bully knows who he is. Bully turns his hat around backward. Hogan says he runs this place and he is going to tear Bully's family apart. Hogan says in 2 weeks Bully Ray will defend against one of the members of Aces & 8's. Bully says he refuses as Hogan leaves the ring. Hogan says he runs the show and Bully is also going to defend this week against...Sting.

Sting comes in the ring and they exchange intense blows in the center. Bully escapes with the title. As we go off the air. Hogan had said "this week" but Tenay clears things up and says that match will take place next week.

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