TNA Live Event Results From Hagerstown (8/31): Chris Sabin Vs. Bully Ray, AJ Styles

Thanks to reader JD Fowler for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Hagerstown, MD:

I was at the house show in Hagerstown at the Maryland Theater, which is a small venue, but it was 90% full with a VERY lively crowd.

* Bad Influence out to start the show and got some heat. James Storm & Gunner interrupted, which led to a match. Gunner & Storm went on to defeat Bad Influence.

* ODB comes out to big pop to face Mickie James, who gets the pop for being somewhat local. James pins ODB with a roll-up.

Jeremy Borash comes out and says he's going to try to talk Dixie Carter into bringing a live Impact to Maryland soon.

* Bobby Roode pinned Joseph Park with a DDT.

* AJ Styles vs. Mr. Anderson was next. Style got the biggest pop of the night, and hit intro is AWESOME in a small venue. AJ wins with the Calf Killer.

An Impact taping is announced for Baltimore, MD on Nov. 21.

* Austin Aries, who got the second biggest pop of the night, came out to face Magnus. There were dueling 'Magnus' and 'Austin Aries' chants throughout the match. This was the match of the night. A-Double wins after a brain buster, which was quite impressive seeing how big Magnus is compared to A-Double.

* Main Event: Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Just like the matches from TV, with Bully beating up on Sabin. There is a ref bump and Sabin hits the Hail Sabin, but there is no ref. Bully then hits Sabin with the chain and the ref comes to life and counts the 1-2-3. Mr. Anderson comes out to beat on Sabin, and AJ Styles made the save. This set up... a photo op after the show with Sabin and AJ.

I stayed for the photo after to donate another $20 for the TNA cause. I got a pic with Atlas security who seemed very surprised, but very friendly and gladly did the pic. But a great parking decision by me put us near the wrestler parking lot and we ran into a lot of the guys outside and got more pics with the guys, who were VERY friendly and gladly taking pics.

Great show and hope things change and TNA can survive for a bit longer.


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