Total Divas starts out with Natalya and Nikki in a clothing shop, talking about their boyfriends and looking for clothes. Natalya is concerned that her sex life with Tyson Kidd is going down the drain. Nikki is trying to give her ideas on lingerie to spice up their sex. Nikki tries on some pink lingerie and Natalya tries on black lingerie. Then, Nikki tries on an orange dress thing and Natalya tries on red lingerie.

Things then head over to Kansas City and Ariane is talking to Nikki and Brie about her breast implants. Ariane says she has always had a small chest and she’s always hated it. Trinity says she likes Ariane’s chest. Ariane then says her and Trinity are trying to get more fans for merchandise and more money. It then shows them at an autograph signing, signing stuff for a bunch of guys.

Ariane says she needs bigger boobs to be the bomb. Trinity says all the little girls think she’s perfect and that she doesn’t need implants.

Then, Bryan and Brie are in their room talking about where to eat. Brie says she wants to juice because of SummerSlam. She says she needs to be in the best shape possible. Bryan says he doesn’t think she needs to do anything and that she looks great. She decides to go on a cleanse.

Then, things head over to TJ and Natalya’s house. A bunch of pictures are shown from throughout their relationship. Natalya tries to talk to him, but he is kind of ignoring her while watching wrestling. Natalya says TJ’s injury has taken a toll on their life. She comes out wearing the lingerie she bought and TJ barely pays her any attention.

Then, Jo Jo and Eva Marie are shown meeting Nikki for breakfast. Jo Jo and Eva tell Nikki they like her dress. They all talk about their chests. Then, Nikki finds out that there are fans calling her the fat Bella twin online. She doesn’t like it.

Back from commercial and the Bellas are eating dinner with Daniel Bryan. Brie talks about how her diet is a lot healthier than Nikki’s. Nikki orders a huge dessert. Brie expresses concern over not looking identical for the SummerSlam shoot because of Nikki’s weight. Brie says Nikki should do the cleanse with her and Nikki agrees.

Then, things head to LA and Jon and Trinity are staying there for promotional events. Ariane is going to a plastic surgeon appointment for a breast appointment consultation. Trinity hopes to convince her otherwise. Jon holds Ariane’s dog in the back seat and the dog almost throws up.

Ariane and Trinity then talk to the consultant, who shows them her chest. Ariane feels them and says they feel soft. The consultant then says that she’ll send the doctor in. Trinity grabs Jon to see the consultant’s chest and he laughs, embarrassed. Trinity and Ariane convince him to feel her chest to see if it feels soft. He does and then leaves, embarrassed.

The doctor then comes in and shows off several different kinds of implants. He gives Ariane some to take home to try out. Ariane starts dancing to try the implants out and they pop out of her sports bra. The doctor says that two months is the best healing time.

The Bellas are then shown buying some juice. Brie says giving Nikki tough love is the best way to get her in shape and make them identical. Nikki hates the taste of the juice they got. Brie says they need to drink five of the juices a day. Brie says their hunger will go away. Nikki isn’t excited at all.

Stuff heads to Florida and Natalya and TJ are headed out to eat. Natalya says she wants to plan a wedding. TJ asks what her definition of small is and she says 150. TJ asks if she thinks a wedding will just be a piece of paper because they’ve bee together for so long. Natalya is frustrated because she thinks he doesn’t care.

Back from commercial and Brie and Nikki are driving. They talk about what animals they’d be if they could be one. Nikki says she is hungry and doesn’t think she’ll make it. Nikki says she is going to slaughter a cow and eat its flesh.

Trinity and Jon are then in LA beside a pool. Ariane walks up and she’s wearing a bikini with the implants in. Ariane says she slept with them in for the test drive. Trinity says they don’t look bad and that she should test them in the pool. Ariane jumps in the pool and the implants pop out. Trinity is super excited that the implants float.

Things head over to Brie and Nikki and they’re talking about how tough the diet is. Brie notices that Nikki is quiet. Brie finds an empty bottle of wine in the trash and part of a muffin. She chews Nikki out and says no wonder people call her fat on Twitter. Nikki tells her to shut up and says she’s sick of people calling her fat because she isn’t. Brie storms out of the place angrily.

Back to LA in Ariane’s apartment. Ariane is excited to show her boyfriend Vincent how the implants look. He feels them. She puts in some bigger ones and he says he is sweating.

The SummerSlam photo shoot is then shown. Nikki says Brie has been making her feel like crap. She says that things fans say hurt her and that the fact that her sister says it makes her feel worse. Nikki walks away angrily.

Back from commercial and Brie walks up to Nikki. Nikki tells her to go away and that Brie makes her feel insecure. Nikki is crying and says she loves having curves. Brie apologizes and says she didn’t mean to hurt her. They make up and go out to the shoot. Brie says making Nikki feel bad wasn’t her intention as they’re shown getting their pictures taken.

Stuff heads over to Natalya’s house. TJ asks her out and says he has a surprise. Natalya is excited that he is showing interest in her. TJ ends up taking her to the courthouse so they can get married. Natalya is mad because she wants to get married in front of their family. She says he doesn’t care and he’s not romantic. She is angry because he won’t pay attention to her. She runs away across the street.

Back from commercial and TJ is following Natalya across the street. Natalya says if that’s what she means to him, she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

Ariane and Trinity are backstage at RAW. Ariane goes to the seamstress and asks the seamstress to sew the implants into her outfit so that they don’t pop out again. Trinity expresses disinterest in Ariane getting implants again. Ariane says she is worried about the implants because of being a role model to kids. The seamstress encourages Ariane to get the implants.

Then, it’s later in the evening and Ariane has the implant bra. She shows it off to the other divas. Then, clips from RAW are shown. Later, Ariane goes back to the locker room and one of the implants is missing from her outfit. Ariane is freaking out about going out with only one implant. A man walks in and tells them they’re needed for the next segment. Ariane is freaking out.

Back from commercial and clips from RAW are shown. Ariane grabs some paper towels and stuffs them in her bra. Trinity can’t find Ariane. Then, the Funkadactyls and Tons of Funk’s entrance is shown. John Cena walks up to the Bellas backstage, who are watching the match. Nikki reveals she stole Ariane’s implant as a prank. Cena thinks that they are being mean and walks off. More RAW clips. Then, after the match, the Bellas reveal to Ariane that they took the implant.

Back from commercial and the Bellas give back the stolen implant. Nikki apologizes and says she was just pulling a prank. Brie says they’re fan favorites so it doesn’t matter. Ariane laughs at the joke. All the divas, minus Natalya, are shown in the locker room talking about how Ariane went out. Ariane says she has decided not to get the implants to be a better role model. Brie says she is happy at what Ariane has decided.

Then, Natalya comes into her house and TJ has rose petals and candles everywhere. He gives her flowers and she is blown away because it’s the most romantic he’s ever been. He apologizes. Then, she does too and says she was too overbearing. She suggests a beach wedding because he loves the beach and TJ is excited. They toast and kiss to end the show.