What Happened After RAW Went Off The Air: Daniel Bryan Gets Saved And Gets A Little Revenge

Thanks to WresltingINC.com reader Tyler Kochis for sending in these results from tonight's RAW in Anaheim, CA:

After RAW went off the air, Randy Orton, Triple H, Vince McMahon and Stephanie went to the back. The Shield started to beat down Daniel Bryan again, but Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show made the save. The faces then hit their finishers on The Shield, with Daniel Bryan ending the segment by hitting one of the Shield members (can't remember if it was Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose) with the running knee that he used to defeat John Cena at SummerSlam last night.

The crowd then broke out into a wild "Yes!" chant as Bryan's music played. Big Show and Ziggler joined Bryan with the chant while Henry walked around the ring. All four men then embraced.

That was it, there was no dark match.


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