This week, the following matches and segments were included on Monday Night RAW on Hulu Plus.

1) Opening segment where Triple H gives Randy Orton a car
2) Announcement that fans will be able to pick the stipulation for CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel
3) Fandango vs. Cody Rhodes
4) Damien Sandow and Fandango vs. The Miz and Cody Rhodes
5) Backstage segment with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman where Axel says Punk can’t out wrestle him
6) CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel
7) Natalya vs. Brie Bella/AJ Lee promo
8) Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam
9) Recap of John Cena announcing he’d be out for six months and post surgery photos
10) Backstage segment with Curtis Axel, Paul Heyman and Renee Young
11) Christian vs. Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan defacing Orton’s car
12) Backstage segment with Brad Maddox, Triple H and Orton where Triple H tells Maddox to make everyone watch Bryan’s gauntlet match
13) Bray Wyatt video
14) CM Punk and Brad Maddox segment where Maddox announces Punk’s Night of Champions match
15) Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

The following matches and segments were cut.

1) Backstage segment with Josh Mathews, Christian and Randy Orton
2) Los Matadores video
3) WWE app footage of CM Punk talking about match stipulations
4) Ryback and Josh Mathews backstage segment
5) Titus O’Neil vs. Jack Swagger