WrestleMania Location Finalized, Ted Dibiase Sr. Comments On Son Leaving WWE, Total Divas

- Dave Meltzer noted on F4WOnline.com that the location for the 2016 WrestleMania was finalized today, while the location for the 2015 event should be decided in the next few days. The location was not revealed, and WWE apparently told the winning city to keep it quiet.

- E! Online posted a video of The Bella Twins answering fan questions at this link.

- The Las Vegas Informer has an article here about Naomi and Jimmy Uso going to Ghostbar at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas this past Wednesday night.

- WWE Hall of Famer Ted Dibiase Sr. commented on his son, Ted Dibiase, deciding not to re-sign with WWE. He wrote on his website, "As many of you know, my son, Ted Jr. has decided not to re-sign with the WWE. His decision is not based on dissatisfaction with the WWE, but a decision based on not wanting to spend so much of his life away from his family. I applaud that decision. As much as I loved the wrestling business, being away from my family and the temptations that come along with it, nearly destroyed me and my family. I never wanted my sons to be in the business for that very reason. But I knew that I had to let them find out for themselves. The birth of Ted's first son, did just that. Yes, I still love wrestling and so does Ted Jr. But, 'Everything has a price!' My son learned more quickly than I did, that the price of fame is often far greater than the rewards!!"

Dibiase Sr. made similar remarks during our recent interview, which was conducted before his son's decision to not renew his WWE contract.

"I'm not really sure where my son is too right now, in terms of, he had an injury and while he was injured he was off during the last couple months of his wife's pregnancy and during the first couple month's of his son's life," Dibiase said. "I remember when he was getting ready to go back on the road he called me and he said, 'dad, he said I just want you to know, I get it now. Now I know why you didn't want me to do this.' He said it's really hard to leave this little boy. I said, 'well, I tried to tell ya, but some things you just have to learn that way.'"


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