WWE Main Event Recap: Alberto Del Rio Vs. Cody Rhodes, Big E Vs. Justin Gabriel, Usos Vs. 3MB

Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Main Event Recap.

- Josh Mathews and Miz are on commentary as they welcome us. Alberto Del Rio enters followed by Cody Rhodes.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes

They lock up and Del Rio gets the advantage with kicks. Cody counters a cross armbreaker and lands a dropkick. Del Rio hits a backbreaker on Cody and chokes him out in the ropes. Del Rio drops Cody with a suplex for 2. Cody fights up and they trade shots. Cody gets the advantage and hits the Disaster Kick. Del Rio falls to the floor as we go to commercial.

Del Rio has regained offense as we return to action. Del Rio kicks a seated Cody in the head and works him over in the corner. He hangs Cody upside down in the corner and charges in with a kick. Cody fights Del Rio off up top and hits a moonsault but both are hurt. Cody finally makes a cover for 2. Del Rio counters Cross Rhodes and hits an Enzuigiri for 2.

Del Rio puts on the armbreaker in the ropes but the ref counts him off. Cody hits the Disaster Kick and gets 2. They both slowly get up. Del Rio starts to soften the arm of Cody. Del Rio waits for Cody to get up and hits a suplex into a bridge for 2. Del Rio pulls down his knee pad but Cody ducks the kick and hits Cross Rhodes. The ref counts both men on the mat as Del Rio smartly rolls to his stomach. Del Rio puts on the armbreaker and Cody fights but eventually has to tap as Del Rio cranks back on his arm.

Winner by submission: Alberto Del Rio

- We go to a new video package with CM Punk and Paul Heyman. I haven't seen it yet, but the footage is likely from the CM Punk DVD. The video continues with the recent events and how the last few weeks have panned out with Brock Lesnar. This is likely the package they will show before the match on Sunday. WWE is so good at these.

- We go to the ring for The Usos' entrance. 3MB makes their way out.

The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre

Slater starts off with Jimmy and they feel each other out. Slater gets Jimmy over in the corner and tags Drew in. Drew takes control of Jimmy as Jinder Mahal cheers him on from the apron. Jimmy gets away and tags his brother who turns it up against Drew. Jey chases Slater off the apron and launches Drew over the top, onto both of his bandmates.

Back from a commercial with Drew in the ring with Jimmy. The Usos do some nice double teaming and keep Drew isolated. Drew takes care of a distraction and kicks Uso in the face and off the apron. Slater throws Uso around at ringside behind the ref's back. Slater tags in and gets 2 on Jimmy in the ring. Slater and Drew makes quick tags and keep control of Jimmy.

Jey makes the hot tag in and speeds things up with a flurry; he hits the running Stinkface to Slater in the corner but Drew breaks the cover. Jimmy tags himself in and hits a superkick to Slater. Jey dives onto Jinder and Drew at ringside and Jimmy hits the splash off the top on Slater for the win.

Winners by pin: The Usos

- Miz sends to the footage from MizTV of Cena and Bryan.

- Big E Langston makes his entrance with AJ Lee. We return from a break as Justin Gabriel (Mr. Main Event) has made his entrance.

Big E Langston vs. Justin Gabriel

Big E starts off trying to overpowering Gabriel but he gets away and starts to hit dropkicks and such but Langston shuts him down and catches him in the air and drops him. Big E hits a standing splash for 2. Big E puts on an abdominal stretch and clubs him down to the mat. Gabriel fights back but Langston hits a bell-to-belly for 2.

Big E continues with slow domination. Big E hits 3 backbreakes across his knee as AJ smiles like a madwoman at ringside. Gabriel avoids another splash and rolls up Langston for 1. Gabriel unloads with kicks and takes Langston off his feet. Gabriel springs off the ropes but Langston catches him. Gabriel wiggles out and hits a neckbreaker. Gabriel springs off with a moonsault but only gets 2. AJ looks concerned. Big E fights up and powers Gabriel to the mat. Big E runs over Gabriel and pulls down the straps. He hits the Big Ending for the win.

Winner by pin: Big E Langston

AJ joins Big E in the ring to celebrate as we see a replay. Big E stands over Gabriel as we go off the air.


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