Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Main Event Recap.

– A video package of the CM Punk beating by Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel runs to kick off the show.

– Curtis Axel and Heyman make their entrance after the opening theme. Josh Mathews is on commentary with Alex Riley. Cody Rhodes makes his entrance.

Curtis Axel vs. Cody Rhodes

They jockey for position and Axel hits several take-downs but Cody keeps popping right back up. Cody reverses on the mat into a hammerlock. Axel slips out to regroup with Heyman. Cody opens the ropes to invite Axel back in. Axel takes his time and makes it back in. Axel takes control with strikes. Axel clotheslines Cody over the top. The crowd chants, “Heyman sucks.” Axel continues to control Cody at ringside as we go to commercial.

We’re back in the ring as Axel works a reverse headlock on the canvas. The fans chant “Cody” then “CM Punk.” Axel keeps the pressure on. Cody eats a couple of right hands and a slam. Axel comes off the 2nd buckle with an axe for 2. Axel goes back to the rear chinlock as Heyman clutches the Intercontinental Championship at ringside. Cody works his way up but Axel is relentless.

Cody gets his knees up in the corner and hits a moonsault from the top. Rhodes starts to build momentum with a flurry. Axel ducks the Disaster Kick and they go back and forth. Cody hits the Alabama Slam but Axel kicks out. Axel hits a German suplex and gets 2. Cody hits a muscle buster out of the corner for 2. Cody is fired up but Axel hits a modified neckbreaker to win suddenly.

Winner by pin: Curtis Axel

Heyman enters the ring and hands the title to Axel as they stand tall over Cody.

– A graphic is shown for Punk vs. Axel and Heyman in a Handicap Elimination match at Night of Champions.

– A promo for Los Matadores is shown.

– The Prime Time Players make their entrance. The Real Americans are out next. Zeb Colter doesn’t cut a promo this time.

The Prime Time Players vs. The Real Americans

Riley says PTP has everything they need to succeed and be world champion. Ironic because Riley fits that category as well. Cesaro tosses Young to the floor and Swagger hits him with a running clothesline. Alex Riley sells how strong Cesaro is. Swagger takes over on Darren Young in the ring as Cesaro provides the assists from the apron. Cesaro tags in and hits a gutwrench on Young. Quick tags from the Real Americans. Titus saves Young from a pin.

Young lands a kick to the head of Cesaro and makes the hot tag to Titus. Titus cleans house of Cesaro after he tags Swagger. Titus hits Swagger with a fall-away slam for 2. Swagger slams Titus but Young breaks the count. Cesaro comes in with a dropkick to Darren. Titus hits a sit-down powerbomb on Swagger for the win.

Winners by pin: The Prime Time Players

– Josh sends to video of Randy Orton and Triple H from RAW. Oh yeah, some guy named Daniel Bryan is involved as well. I bet that spray paint washes right off. Are Escalades still “in?”

– Fandango makes his entrance with Summer Rae. Kofi Kingston is already in the ring.

Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston

Alex Riley says Fandango reminds him of John Morrison. Touche, but I’m surprised of the mention. I would add that Fandango has more charisma than Morrison could ever dream of. Slow back and forth to kick us off. Kofi speeds things up with a monkey flip out of the corner and springs off the apron to splash Fandango on the floor. Fandango gets the advantage back in the ring and sends him into the steel post as we take a break.

Fandango is in control in the center of the ring as we return to action. Fandango works the left arm of Kofi on the canvas. Fandango hits a spin kick for 2. Fandango hits a suplex and floats over for 2. Kofi fights up and goes into a flurry. He hits the Boom Drop and calls for the end in the corner. Summer Rae grabs his leg and the official sees it and calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification: Kofi Kingston