WWE NXT Recap: Dallas And Zayn Vs. Cesaro And Kruger, Graves Vs. Dawson, Mason Ryan, More

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassaday come out on the ramp. Colin says since they've arrived in NXT, as a team, they've been undefeated. Enzo says they're not sawft and that they're going to dance. Colin starts singing and Enzo dances around him.

Tons of Funk come down to the ring. They get inside and dance in the center as Colin and Enzo complain from outside the ring. Tons of Funk signal them to get back in the ring. Enzo and Colin say no, and start backing up the ramp. Mason Ryan's music hits and he comes out. Colin and Enzo freeze up and then run into the ring to get away from him.

Tons of Funk attack Enzo and Colin. They hit a dual body avalanche on both of them. They then hit Colin with their double splash. He rolls out of the ring. Mason Ryan gets in the ring and slams Enzo to the mat. He high fives TOF and goes to leave the ring. They stop him and get him to dance. He does the TOF dance with them.

Dusty Rhodes is then backstage with Emma and Paige and talks about being proud of both of them. Summer Rae walks up and insults Paige, saying since she's beaten her before she should just hand her the title. Paige tells her she'll break her face and hand her teeth back to her. Summer says none of it would have happened if Emma hadn't stolen a victory from her. Emma says she's a loser and sucks at dancing. Summer gets all offended. Dusty tells her to calm down.

Summer challenges Emma to a dance contest. Dusty says it's a ridiculous idea, but he kind of likes it. He asks Emma if it's cool with her and she agrees. Emma says she's going to win and starts dancing around. Paige yells shut up and says anyone that faces her will lose.

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks

They tie up. Banks hits a huge hip toss. Charlotte fights to her feet and Banks hits a dropkick. Banks lands an arm drag takedown. She whips Charlotte into the corner, who grabs onto the top ropes and propels herself back over a charging Banks. Banks turns around for a clothesline, but Charlotte counters via splits. Charlotte chops Banks. Banks comes back with multiple slaps to the chest. Banks locks in a camel clutch. She gets a two count on Charlotte. She whips Charlotte into the corner and then runs and drives both knees into her chest.

Banks whips Charlotte into another corner. Charlotte bails to the apron and slams Banks' head into the turnbuckle. She leaps into the ring and lands her flipping cutter finisher for the win.

Winner: Charlotte

Renee Young then walks up to Tyler Breeze backstage and asks for his thoughts on his grandiose debut last week. He says it was amazing and gorgeous. He says it's obvious that when you look at someone like him, that he's the most super, good looking piece of gorgeousness that anyone is ever going to see. Meanwhile, CJ Parker (I believe) has walked up behind him, making faces at the camera. Breeze says he's not sure if the world is ready for it, which is why he's been giving people only pieces.

Young asks about his debut again and Breeze says they're done. He tells her to stay being her and he'll stay being him.

A Wyatt Family video is then shown.

Mickey Keegan and Aiden English vs. The Wyatt Family

Harper and Rowan beat down Keegan and English. Harper whips English into the corner and gets a body avalanche. He discus clotheslines English. Rowan comes in and hits a splash for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Bray Wyatt gets into the ring and hits English with Sister Abigail. The entire crowd chants one more time. He grabs the mic and says calm down and that he has something to say. He says there are several types of men in the world. There are men who dream and never make it off their couch. There are men who dream and fail. Then, there are men who dream and change the landscape of the world, people like Bray Wyatt.

He asks the crowd if they're tired of feeling like outcasts. He says today is the day because today is the day Bray Wyatt decided to change the world. He says it's the day that hell freezes over and pigs fly. He says they looked fear in the eye. He said he wants the world leaders to heed his warnings because today is the day he has decided to bring down the machine. The crowd chants bring it down.

He says today, they say goodbye to NXT for now. He says that he isn't hard to find though, just follow the buzzards. He then sings time is on his side and poses as the crowd chants thank you Bray.

Corey Graves is then shown getting ready backstage. Neville walks up and says he will be out there in his match against Scott Dawson. Graves asks why. Neville says it's because of the Wyatt Family and that they're better off safe than sorry. Graves says they should show the Wyatt Family what hell is like.

Back from commercial and Sylvester LeFort comes out. He says money is all that matters. He says when he thinks about money he thinks about one man, Scott Dawson.

Scott Dawson (with Sylvester LeFort) vs. Corey Graves (with Adrian Neville)

They tie up and chain wrestle. Dawson drapes Graves across the center ropes in the corner and kicks his gut. He hits Graves with a back elbow. He then drops an elbow on Graves. He sits Graves up and elbows him in the head. Graves gets whipped, but reverses into a dropkick to Dawson's knee. He locks in his 13th Step submission and Dawson taps.

Winner: Corey Graves

He and Neville pose in the ring after the match and The Shield's music hits. They come out and hold their belts up. Rollins takes the mic up and says The Shield is back. He says the last time they were in NXT, they left Graves lying in a heap. He says they're almost like him and Roman, but not quite.

Ambrose takes the mic and says Neville isn't a champion, he just slid into Kassius Ohno's spot. He says Neville didn't earn the belt. He calls Neville a thief and that it's an injustice punishable by the law of The Shield. Ambrose challenges Neville to a match so that Neville can pay for his crimes.

Neville takes up the mic and says all Ambrose does is talk. He says he will face Ambrose if he puts the US Title on the line and they will do it right now. Ambrose asks if he knows who he is talking to. He says he is the US Champ, not some NXT chump. He says they'll do it, but it'll happen next week.

Neville says he will wait until next week to be the guy that destroys The Shield, starting with Ambrose. He says when he takes Ambrose's title next week, justice will be served.

Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn vs. Antonio Cesaro and Leo Kruger

Kruger and Zayn start things off. They tie up and Zayn gets back into the corner. They tie up again and Zayn flips out of a wrist lock. They tie up again and Kruger clubs Zayn in the back. Zayn gets three arm drag takedowns. Bo tags in and leaps off the top, but Kruger moves and tags in Cesaro. Bo gets several arm drag takedowns, keeping Cesaro's arm locked in. Cesaro whips Bo and delivers a back elbow. He whips Bo into another corner and then boots Zayn off the apron. Dallas gets a dropkick. Both Zayn and Kruger get tagged in.

Zayn comes in and chases after Cesaro, who baits him into a big forearm by Kruger. He then stomps on Zayn on the mat. Cesaro comes back in and clotheslines Zayn. Back from commercial and Kruger is in charge of Zayn. He hits Zayn with a snap Suplex. Cesaro comes in and kicks Zayn in the side. Zayn fights back with strikes, but Cesaro lands a huge European uppercut. Cesaro locks in his cranial crank, but Zayn fights out. Cesaro rams him into the corner and Kruger comes in.

He hits Zayn with a headbutt and then drops a knee. Kruger locks in a Chinlock. Zayn fights to his feet. The exchange strikes. Zayn gets a quick pin attempt. Kruger drags him back to his corner and Cesaro comes in. Cesaro stomps on Zayn's hands. He whips Zayn into the corner and delivers elbows. Zayn tries to keep the attack away by grabbing onto the ropes, but Cesaro pulls him off into a powerbomb for a near pin fall. Kruger comes in with a boot to the chest. He hits Zayn with a pair of double boot stomps and then drives his knee into his head. He locks Zayn's head back in and Cesaro comes in.

He locks Zayn's head in. Zayn fights to his feet and grabs the ropes. Cesaro charges and Zayn puts a boot up. Cesaro falls down, but tags in Kruger in the process. Kruger grabs Zayn. He counters Kruger's offense into what looks like a pin attempt, but then springs off at the last second and tags in Bo. Bo hits several knockdowns and a clothesline. He then hits Kruger with a bulldog and Cesaro breaks up the pin attempt.

Zayn clotheslines Cesaro to the outside and they brawl up the ramp. Back in the ring, Bo hits a powerslam that sends Kruger out of the ring. He sends Kruger back into the ring, who heads to the corner. Bo charges and Kruger puts a boot up. Kruger hits a huge clothesline (I think they called it The Slice) for the win.

Winners: Leo Kruger and Antonio Cesaro


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