WWE NXT Recap: New Challenger For Bo Dallas, EMMA Vs. Summer Rae, Neville Vs. O'Brian, More

The show opens with Corey Graves talking to Renee Young. Then Rick Victor walks up and says they've grown tired of waiting. He says this is their time and that they will rise. Corey says if he's tired of waiting he's standing right there. Conor O'Brian attacks him from behind. Then the Ascension attack him together. O'Brian lifts up a set piece and hits Graves with it.

CJ Parker vs. Tyler Breeze

Parker tries to slap Breeze's stomach and Breeze tries to back away from him around the ring. Parker tries to touch Breeze's cell phone and Breeze attacks him, clubbing him in the back. Breeze hits a headshot. Parker tries to kick Breeze off a whip, but Breeze rolls outside. Parker follows and chases him around the ring. Breeze gets back inside and attacks Parker as he tries to. He punches Parker in the head several times on the mat.

Breeze slams Parker's head into the corner and then gets a one count. Breeze takes a selfie in the corner and tries to attack Parker. Parker reverses into an airplane spin. He then tosses Breeze to the mat and hits a senton. Parker hits a flying pair of knees to Breeze in the corner. He tries to pull Breeze out of the corner, but Breeze hangs on to the ropes. Breeze drops a knee, sending Parker up against him. Breeze grabs his phone and slyly hits Parker in the face with it for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Renee Young is backstage and Emma dances up to her. Young asks about her rivalry with Summer Rae. Emma says that her match tonight against her is personal and that her title shot will have to wait. She says Summer Rae only has to wait for a few minutes before she kicks her all over the ring. Emma then says she will play Dance Dance Emmalution and asks Young to play with her.

Emma vs. Summer Rae

Emma tries to lock in a submission but Summer crawls to the ropes. Emma drags her back and tries to lock in another. Summer escapes and slams Emma's head into the mat several times. Emma reverses and does the same thing. Emma slams Summer's head into the mat and gets a two count. She slams Summer's head into the mat multiple times again but Summer rolls away. She slams Summer face first into the turnbuckle and tries to lock in a tarantula, but Summer counters and sends Emma face first into the mat.

Summer pulls Emma's arm backwards using the ropes. She splashes onto Emma's arm on the mat. She then uses the ropes to pull Emma's arm again, and drives her boot into Emma's throat in the corner. Summer then locks in a full nelson using her legs. Summer turns onto her hand and knees, with Emma still locked in the full nelson, and gets a one count. Summer whips Emma into the corner and charges, but Emma moves and Summer hits the turnbuckle.

Emma locks in the tarantula and breaks it at three. She hits Summer with a crossbody as she is seated in the corner. Emma slingshots Summer's face into the mat and locks in the Emma Lock. Summer taps immediately.

Winner: Emma

After the match, Emma dances around in celebration and Summer shoves her out of the ring. She grabs the bubbles that Emma brings out and blows during her entrance and dumps them all over Emma's face.

Then, Sylvester LeFort, Colin Cassaday, Enzo Amore and Scott Dawson are show backstage in a clip from earlier in the evening. They're talking. Then, LeFort asks Cassaday and Amore to join his legionnaire so they can join forces and take out Mason Ryan. He says look what I've done with Scott. Cassaday says all Scott does is lose. LeFort says he has a point, but they make a lot of money together. Amore refuses to join their group. Dawson said they made a mistake and committed a five to ten, because he's going to beat their brains in for five to ten minutes. He calls them Jersey Shore wannabes and they freak out.

Then, Summer Rae is leaving backstage and Sasha Banks comes up to her. She says she can't believe Summer did that to Emma. Summer says she better believe it because of their standings. Summer says she is on RAW and Smackdown every week and SummerSlam was named after her. She asks Banks when the last time was she was even on NXT. She says Banks isn't relevant and if she wants to be she should be following her. She says that Paige and Emma can be popular in NXT because they're big, ugly fish in a small pond while she's up there because she's willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

Summer says that Banks has a match against Paige in two weeks and she's sure it's going to be a nice, clean match because Banks doesn't have a backbone. She then says that if she were Banks, she'd find one and beat Paige down.

Enzo Amore (with Colin Cassaday) vs. Scott Dawson (with Sylvester LeFort)

They lock up and Dawson leans Amore over the middle rope. The ref forces the break and Amore huddles with Cassaday. Amore locks in a side headlock, but Dawson slams his head to the mat. Dawson picks Amore up in a vertical Suplex position and tosses Amore onto the top rope. He then grabs Amore's head and slams it to the mat. Dawson hits a back elbow, then drops a leg and a knee.

He kicks Amore in the head. Dawson lands a gut kick. Amore battles back with a few body shots, but Dawson lands more gut kicks. Amore battles back again. Amore hits a hurricanrana. On commentary, William Regal calls Amore DDP's love child. Then, Alexander Rusev runs out and attacks Colin Cassaday from behind. Amore checks on Cassaday and Dawson hits him with a Greco Roman Suplex for the win.

Winner: Scott Dawson

After the match, LeFort raises Rusev and Dawson's arms on the ramp.

Then, a recap of the two out of three falls match between Zayn and Cesaro is shown. Then, Renee Young calls Sami Zayn out to the ring for an interview. He says he is conflicted about the match because all he can remember is the end result and Cesaro was the better man. Young asks what's next for him. Zayn says he has to look forward and his focus is to become the next NXT Champion. Then, Bo Dallas comes out.

He grabs a mic as the crowd chants no more Bo! He says that just because the Internet thinks he had a good match doesn't make him championship caliber. He says Zayn lost and no one interviews the losers of the Superbowl because it'd be depressing. Zayn asks if there is any reason he's out there because it sounds like he wants to start something. Dallas says he'd love to face Zayn but unfortunately, he is injured. Dallas calls him green and a kid as the crowd chants Ole!

Zayn calls him delusional with no perception of what everyone around him thinks. Bo says everybody loves Bo as the crowd chants no over and over. Zayn says they're booing him out of the building. Dallas says they're not booing him, it's Bo! Zayn asks the crowd if they're saying Boo or Bo and they chant boo, boo, boo!

Zayn says Dallas is scared because he knows what Zayn would do to him with the belt on the line. He asks Dallas for a chance at the title. Then, Zeb Colter comes out. Colter says as a hard working American, Bo doesn't have to answer anything Zayn says. Colter says he warned Zayn that he and Cesaro would expose him. Colter says if he wants a title shot, he needs to show documentation he isn't in the country illegally.

Zayn says that things are getting ridiculous. He tells Colter to tell Cesaro that after he beats Dallas and becomes the new NXT Champion, he is going to do everything he can to get Colter and Cesaro deported back to hell where they belong. Colter says he offered him the easy way, but he chose the hard way. Swagger then attacks Zayn from behind. Zayn tries to battle back, but Swagger hits a gut wrench powerbomb. They place their flag on Zayn and stand above him.

Then, a video is shown of SummerSlam Axxess and all the NXT matches and stuff there.

Adrian Neville vs. Conor O'Brian (with Rick Victor)

They tie up and Conor shoves Neville across the ring. Neville tries to lock in a waist lock, but gets slung across the ring again. Neville dodges Conor and hits a crossbody from up top. Conor tosses him onto the ropes and then hits a running kick. Back from commercial and Conor charges Neville in the corner. Neville moves. He hits Conor in the body and lands several kicks. He takes out Conor's knees and dropkicks him in the head. Conor sends Neville out of the ring, but Neville immediately pops back up and leaps off the turnbuckle. Conor catches him and hits a flapjack for a near pin fall.

Conor whips Neville into the corner and charges. Neville moves again and hits a backdrop. He pulls Conor towards the corner and goes up top. He leaps off and hits the corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Victor attacks Neville after the win. The Ascension both then stomp him. Conor punches him in the face as Victor kicks him. Graves then comes out with his midsection bandaged up. He tries to save Neville, but the Ascension easily over come him. They hit Graves with their corkscrew flying forearm/sweep kick combo. The Ascension then pose with Graves's tag title to end the show.


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