WWE SmackDown Results: Bryan Vs. Barrett In No DQ, The Shield Vs. Henry-Show-RVD, Wyatts

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- Crowd shots from San Jose, CA kick us off. Michael Cole runs down the show. Daniel Bryan will face Wade Barrett in the main event and it is NO DQ.

- The Wyatt Family video effect interrupts Cole's voice and they make their awesome entrance. We cut to a video of what they have done to Kane. We cut back to Bray and the lantern in the rocking chair, in the ring with Rowan and Harper behind him. The lights come on and he tells a story about a little boy who was picked on as a kid and was called a freak. One day this boy decided to change the world but instead ran away from home and hid behind a crutch: a mask. We see a shot of Rowan in the sheep mask. Bray gets up and says this boy was Kane. He says he will show Kane that one man's hell is another's paradise. He falls to his knees and says, "Follow the buzzards."

Kane's pyro goes off and he shows up from behind and takes out Rowan and Harper and leaves them lying at ringside. Kane gets in the ring and motions that it is the end. Bray charges at him and Kane unloads on him in the corner. Harper and Rowan get back in but Kane tosses them back out. Bray blindsides Kane with a running forearm and Harper and Rowan pounce on him. Bray kisses Kane on the head and drops him. They pose over Kane's carcass as we go to break.

- We return to Damien Sandow cuffing his briefcase to the ring post. He poses and visually gloats with it. We see footage of Cody attacking him last week. Christian makes his entrance.

Christian vs. Damien Sandow

Quick back and forth. Christian hits a missile dropkick off the top for 2. Sandow recovers and knocks Christian to the floor with a lariat. Sandow brings him back in and gets 2 then works him over on the mat. Sandow tosses Christian to the floor and throws him into the steel steps. Christian bumps hard and we go to commercial.

Sandow is still in control with a headlock in the ring as we return to action. Sandown unloads with knees to the face on the apron. Christian rallies back and hits a high back bodydrop and hits a neckbreaker for 2. Christian misses from up top with a splash, Sandow hits a neckbreaker for 2. Fast paced action. Christian goes on a flurry and comes off the 2nd buckle with a reverse forearm. Sandow slides out of a Killswitch and does a cartwheel to get out of the way. Sandow hits a side Russian leg sweep but Christian avoids the Elbow of Disdain and rolls Sandow up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Christian

Christian hits a spear to Sandow after the match. Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian from behind and gets a mic as he cuts a promo and stomps him. He says Christian will never be champion again. Christian counters the Cross Armbreaker and hits the Killswitch and stands over Del Rio.

- Renee Young interviews Rob Van Dam in the back. RVD says he wants some gold around his waist. Renee asks him about The Shield getting involved in his match with Dean Ambrose. Mark Henry and Big Show show up and RVD says he is not worried. Big Show says the Hounds of Justice are about to be the hunted. Henry says they are going to need a shield because "we have a giant." RVD says they will win tonight in their match with The Shield, pointing to himself.

- Kaitlyn and Natalya make their entrance on the other side of the break. AJ Lee and Layla make their entrance.

Kaitlyn & Natalya vs. AJ Lee & Layla

Natalya starts off with Layla. They do some nice chain wrestling, courtesy of Natalya, Layla gets the advantage after a kick to the head of Nattie from AJ on the apron. AJ stares into the distance like a lost puppy. AJ tags in and mounts Natalya from behind with a choke. Natalya flips AJ and gets out. Kaitlyn tags in and goes to work on AJ; backbreaker for 2. Kaitlyn ducks down and AJ kicks her in the face. Kaitlyn drops AJ on her knee for 2 as Layla breaks the count. Nattie comes in and the ref restores order. AJ hits a dropkick to Kaitlyn's head for the win.

Winners by pin: AJ Lee & Layla

- Renee Young interviews Ryback in the back. He mocks her question about not being on the card at SummerSlam. He says he lives for brutality so people are scared of him so of course he is not on the PPV. Ryback walks over to a production assistant and accuses him of "looking" at him. He gets in the poor guy's face and punches him in the gut and slaps him in the face. Ryback throws the guy over a table and laughs. People call for help and goes back to the interview and says that he would say people are scared of him.

- After a commercial, Cole sends to a promo video for Punk vs. Lesnar.

- The Shield make their way down the rafters. We go to another break.
They show the Wyatt footage from earlier. RVD makes his entrance followed by Mark Henry and the Big Show. We see footage of the battle royal from Monday that led to this.

The Shield vs. Big Show, Mark Henry, Rob Van Dam

Henry starts off with Rollins. Henry lets out a roar at The Shield and charges Rollins into Henry's corner. RVD tags in and comes off the top. RVD gets 2 on Rollins. Ambrose tags in and takes over on RVD as the crowd chants that they want the Big Show. Reigns in now as he resumes control of RVD. Crowd now chants for RVD. Reigns takes Henry off the apron and RVD blindsides him with a kick and tags Show. Big Show goes to work on the entire Shield but they lower the ropes and he falls to the floor. Henry comes to the rescue and tosses Reigns into the announce table like he was a child and lets out another roar. Rollins hits a corkscrew onto Henry on the floor. Show makes it back in by the count of 9. Show hits the KO on Ambrose and tags RVD. RVD hits the 5-Star Frogsplash on Ambrose for the win.

Winners by pin: Mark Henry, Big Show, Rob Van Dam

- Miz is in the ring after a break. Zeb Colter and The Real Americans makes their entrance. Zeb Colter cuts a promo on San Jose and The Miz. He says Miz is a fraud and oblivious to what is really going on in this country. He calls Miz a bad actor.

Jack Swagger vs. The Miz

Quick action in the beginning. Swagger takes over with power offense and does pushups on Miz' back. Miz comes back with a neckbreaker. Miz plants him with a DDT but Swagger kicks out. Miz hits his signature clothesline in the corner. Swagger take advantage of a distraction by Cesaro and knocks Christian off the apron. The ref ejects Cesaro and Zeb from ringside. Miz immediately capitalizes and rolls Swagger up from behind for the win.

Winner by pin: The Miz

- Paul Heyman and Curtis Axel are on the way out.

- Back from a break as Zack Ryder awaits Axel and Heyman in the ring.

Zack Ryder vs. Curtis Axel

Axel takes the early advantage but Ryder battles back with a face-plant and a 2 count. Axel stomps Ryder by the ropes. Ryder lands on his feet from a suplex and hits the double knee in the corner and goes for the Broski Boot but Axel slides out of the ring. Ryder hits the boot though the ropes as Heyman looks on with a serious look as he shouts strategy to Axel. Axel takes back over in the ring as the crowd chants for CM Punk. Axel drops Ryder on his neck for the win.

Winner by pin: Curtis Axel

Heyman grabs a mic in the ring as we go to commercial.

- Heyman cuts a promo on CM Punk in the ring. He says all Punk proved on Monday that he is a target for the Beast Brock Lesnar.

- Cole and JBL discuss things and send to a video hyping Cena vs. Bryan.

- Daniel Bryan enters the ring as we go to commercial. We return to Bryan and the wild crowd "YESing." Wade Barrett makes his entrance.

No DQ: Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Bryan goes to work with kicks in the corner. Barrett hits a knee to the gut and kicks Bryan down in the corner. Bryan rallies back and clotheslines Barrett to the floor. Barrett takes over and throws Bryan around at ringside. Bryan hits Yes Kicks to Barrett and sends him into the timekeeper's area. Bryan pulls a table out from under the ring but Barrett gets control back and throws Bryan into the steel steps. Barrett tosses Bryan in the ring and retrieves a kendo stick. Barrett unloads on Bryan with kendo stick shots.

Bryan takes the stick from him and Barrett escapes to the floor. Bryan dives through the ropes and takes him out. Bryan sends Barrett back in and comes off the top with a front dropkick. Mr. McMahon's music hits and he saunters down the ramp as we go to break.

We're back as Barrett hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Bryan went shoulder-first into a chair in the corner during the break. Barrett sets up and table in the corner but Bryan counters a powerbomb with a head scissors and comes off the apron with a flying knee. Bryan hits Yes Kicks on the floor but Barrett turns it around into a suplex. McMahon comically does the "Yes." Barrett sends Bryan in and grabs a chair. Barrett unloads with chairshots to the body of Bryan on the mat. Barrett goes to the 2nd buckle and dives off with the chair but Bryan moves.

Bryan charges into the corner and launches into a flurry. Bryan picks up the kendo stick and goes to work with sticks and kicks. The crowd eats it up. Bryan breaks the stick over Barrett's back and the camera cuts to Vince. Bryan puts on the Yes Lock but Vince pulls the ref out of the ring. Bryan confronts Vince about what he is doing, Vince says he is doing his job. They have a Yes/No argument. Barrett blindsides Bryan with the Bullhammer and pins him. Vince calls for a ref and Brad Maddox comes down but Bryan kicks out. Barrett goes for a pump handle slam but Bryan wiggles out and kicks Barrett in the head but Maddox won't count the fall. The crowd chants for Triple H. Vince slides a kendo stick to Barrett in the ring, Bryan ducks and Barrett smashes Maddox in the head with the stick.

Bryan smashes Barrett through the table in the corner. Vince takes off the ref's shirt and starts to put it on and hop in the ring. Triple H's music hits and he comes out in a ref shirt. Bryan goes up top and hits a flying headbutt. HHH counts the fall.

Winner by pin: Daniel Bryan

Triple H and Bryan shoot their arms up in front of Vince and do the "Yes." Vince leave in disgust. Triple H and Bryan shake hands. Randy Orton's music hits and he comes out and raises the briefcase over his head as we go off the air.

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