WWE SummerSlam: AJ Lee And Big E Langston Vs. Kaitlyn And Dolph Ziggler

- We see a video from Axxess where a fan took a splash from Mark Henry and won free tickets to tonight's pay-per-view. The fan and his three friends are sitting at ringside for this next match.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston and AJ Lee

We go to the ring and out first comes Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out next followed by Big E Langston.

Big E and Dolph start out. Dolph with an early dropkick for a pin attempt. Big E comes back with a belly-to-belly. Big E runs the ropes and nails a splash for a 2 count. Big E with an abdominal stretch and shots to the ribs now. Big E tosses Dolph to the mat and holds him so AJ can slap him in the face. Dolph comes with a dropkick out of nowhere. AJ and Kaitlyn tag in now. Kaitlyn slams AJ back in the corner and clotheslines her. Kaitlyn with a backbreaker. AJ with a spinning kick for a 2 count.

AJ keeps Kaitlyn on the mat now. Kaitlyn fights out but AJ takes her back down with an elbow for a 2 count. AJ with a pair of neckbreakers. AJ skips around and taunts Ziggler now. AJ jumps on Kaitlyn's back with a sleeper. Big E and Dolph come back in. Ziggler with a dropkick and a neckbreaker. Ziggler drops a bunch of elbows now. Ziggler with a 2 count. Big E comes back with a knee to the head and a 2 count as Kaitlyn breaks the pin. AJ comes and kicks Kaitlyn out of the ring. Big E tosses Ziggler into the corner and nails a big spear. Big E misses the second spear and hits the ring post. AJ grabs Dolph's leg. Kaitlyn makes the save and hits a spear on the floor. Big E takes advantage of the distraction and drops Ziggler for a 2 count. Big E goes for the Big Ending but Ziggler slides out. Ziggler hits a Zig Zag for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn

- After the match, we get replays. We come back and Ziggler raises Kaitlyn's hand in celebration.


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