WWE Superstars Recap: Prime Time Players Vs. Gabriel And Ryder, The Great Khali Vs. Jinder Mahal

The Great Khali (with Hornswoggle) vs. Jinder Mahal (with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre)

Khali knocks Jinder down. He takes Jinder to the corner and chops his chest. Jinder reels to another corner. Khali follows. Jinder kicks Khali in the gut and strikes him several times. Khali comes back with multiple elbows to the traps in the corner. He then chops Jinder again and knocks him to the outside. Heath Slater distracts the ref. Khali goes to follow Jinder outside, but McIntyre attacks him and sends Jinder into the ring.

Jinder drops a knee and an elbow. He then goes to work on Khali's leg. Khali fights out and chops Jinder in the chest. Jinder hits a running knee to the chin. Khali hits a charging Jinder with his boot. He then hits several knockdown strikes. McIntyre gets up on the turnbuckle and Khali hits him off. Slater gets up on the apron and Hornswoggle hits him in the leg, sending him off. Hornswoggle leaps off the apron, taking Slater out. Khali turns around and hits the Khali Bomb for the win.

Winner: The Great Khali

Daniel Bryan's corporate makeover segment from RAW is then shown.

Next, a recap of the events between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar so far is shown.

Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel vs. Prime Time Players

Gabriel and Young start off. They chain wrestle. Gabriel locks in Young's arm on the mat. He elbows him in the triceps. Ryder comes in. He hits Young into the corner. Ryder hits a back elbow. He hits Young with a flapjack. Gabriel comes in. Ryder and Gabriel double team Young. Gabriel sends both members of PTP to the outside. He tags in Ryder, who springs himself over the ropes. PTP catch him. Gabriel flies over the top rope and takes them all out with a dive.

Back from commercial and Titus whips Gabriel into the corner. He charges and Gabriel puts a boot up. He goes up top and Young runs at him on the apron. Gabriel takes Young out and goes in the ring. Titus lands a clothesline for a two count. Titus gets a headbutt. Young comes in. PTP double team Gabriel. Young drives Gabriel to his corner. Titus comes in. He stomps Gabriel in the corner. Titus locks in an abdominal stretch. Gabriel gets out, but Titus lands a big boot. Titus slams Gabriel to the mat. Young comes in and Titus slams him onto Gabriel. Titus comes back in. He pulls Gabriel back to his corner. Titus lands a body slam and then drops an elbow.

Titus hits a leg drop. He then locks Gabriel in another abdominal stretch. Titus hits Gabriel in the side and Young comes in. He lands an uppercut and then strikes Gabriel on the mat. Gabriel battles back with an enziguri. He tags in Ryder as Young tags in Titus. Ryder hits Titus in the corner. Ryder hits a dropkick from up top, followed by a flying forearm. Ryder lands the Broski Boot and Young breaks up the pin attempt.

Gabriel runs in and attacks Young. Young drives his knees into Gabriel's gut. Ryder hits Young with the Rough Ryder. He turns around and Titus hits him with a huge sit out Spinebuster for the win.

Winners: Prime Time Players

The tail end of the Cena, Bryan and Orton vs. The Shield match and aftermath is then shown to end the show.


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