Heath Slater (with Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre) vs. Zack Ryder

The two tie up and Ryder gets backed into the corner. Slater goes for a hit, which Ryder dodges. Slater hits a forearm to the back and then kicks Ryder in the gut. He goes to work on Ryder’s arm. Ryder fights out and hits an arm drag and keeps Slater’s arm locked in. Slater gets out and kicks Ryder on the mat. Ryder comes back with a flapjack. He then clotheslines Slater out of the ring and dropkicks him through the ropes. He sends Slater back in the ring and gets a two count.

Ryder rams Slater into the corner. Slater reverses an Irish whip and charges Ryder. Ryder puts an elbow up and goes up top. Mahal gets up on the apron. Slater knocks Ryder off the top rope off the distraction. Slater kicks Ryder to the outside. Mahal stomps Ryder. Back from commercial and Slater slams Ryder’s head to the mat. He then delivers right hands to Ryder’s head. Ryder battles back with rights of his own. Slater hits a neckbreaker.

Slater chokes Ryder on the center rope. Slater talks to the ref and McIntyre hits Ryder. Slater locks in Ryder’s head on the mat. Ryder battles to his feet, but Slater hits a leaping clothesline. McIntyre hits Ryder again off the distraction. Slater showboats and Ryder gets a near pin fall. Slater stomps on Ryder’s head. Slater hits a running kick to the head. He then locks in Ryder’s chin. Ryder gets to his feet and hits a charging Slater with two knees to the head. Ryder goes up top and hits a missile dropkick.

Ryder charges Slater. Slater hits a super kick for a near pin fall. He then kicks Ryder on the mat. Ryder reverses a vertical Suplex attempt by Slater into a neckbreaker. Ryder charges Slater in the corner, but Slater puts a boot up. Slater goes for something, but Ryder reverses into a quick pin for the win.

Winner: Zack Ryder

Then, Cena and Bryan’s Miz TV segment from RAW is shown.

Next, a portion of the United States Championship number one contender Battle Royal match from RAW is shown, including The Shield’s attempted attack and Big Show return.

Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston vs. Prime Time Players

Young and Kofi start things off. They lock up and Kofi takes Young to his corner. Ziggler comes in and he and Kofi hit him with a leg sweep at the same time. They both then drop elbows at the same time. Young reverses a whip and charges Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler puts an elbow up. Titus runs across the apron to attack Ziggler, but Ziggler hits him off. Ziggler jumps up top to punch Young, but Young slips out and knocks Ziggler off. Titus comes in and hits a kick to the gut.

Titus hits a huge backbreaker and then tosses Ziggler behind him. He drags Ziggler to his corner. Young comes in and PTP hits simultaneous shoulder knockdowns. Young gets a two count. He locks in Ziggler’s head on the mat. Ziggler gets to his feet. Young charges and Ziggler sidesteps. Young collides with the ring post. Ziggler tags in Kofi. He knocks Titus off the apron and then hits Young with a dropkick. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and signals for Trouble in Paradise.

Titus does something to distract Kofi, who swings at him. Kofi turns around and Young picks him up on his shoulders for Gut Check. Kofi slips out. Young charges and Kofi puts his boots up. Kofi leaps off the top rope and takes Young out, but Titus breaks up the pin attempt. Ziggler hits Titus with a dropkick. Then, he hits Young with the Zig Zag and Kofi hits him with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston

Then, a video showing clips of CM Punk’s career in the WWE (focusing on points involving Heyman and Punk’s friendship) and the build up to Lesnar vs. Punk is shown to end the show.