Zach Gowen Talks WWE Saving His Life, His Relationship With Vince McMahon, Joining WWE

Ryan Devlin and Chris Dutton of The Wrestling Mania recently interviewed Zach Gowen. Here are some highlights from the interview:

His WWE debut: "I never thought it was a possiblity. My dreams were to become a decent Indy wrestler. That's all I wanted out of wrestling. I'd done a few matches for TNA and after word spread that there was a one-legged wrestler WWE snatched me up."

If it's true that WWE signed the wrong one-legged wrestler: "That's one thousand percent true. WWE heard about me and signed me based off one match. They hadn't even seen me, so when they had John (Laurinitis) call around the country to find me, they found a school training another amputee. They assumed it was me and they signed him. When they brought him up to HQ, I was on TV. Vince realized they'd made a mistake and that they'd signed the wrong guy!"

His relationship with Vince McMahon: "I owe WWE my life. I really do. I love Vince. He bought me 2 brand new prosthetic legs, $15,000 EACH out of his own pocket in case mine broke on the road and I got stranded. I'd been out of WWE 6 years and they paid for my drug and alcohol treatment and that saved my life. Without WWE, we don't have this conversation. I'm not alive today. WWE saved my life."

Wrestling in the UK: "I've NEVER wrestled in the UK. That's one thing I want to do more than anything. I'd love to perform for the fans over there. In fact if there's anybody out there who is a UK promoter, I'm throwing it out there - get in touch and I would love to come and work for you."

Source: The Wrestling Mania


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