Booker T Predicts WrestleMania 40 Main Event; Talks 'Mania, If Ultimate Warrior Should Be In WWE HOF

NOLA Defender has an interview with Booker T, who was promoting tonight's WWE SuperShow in New Orleans. Here are a few highlights:

His prediction for the WrestleMania 40 main event: "Dean Ambrose versus Dolph Ziggler"


Ultimate Warrior in the WWE Hall of Fame: "Ultimate Warrior is probably the one guy that people have been wondering for many, many years, just like Bruno Sammartino. It would be great to take his place in immortality. He deserves it. He was great for what he did for the time in wrestling... Back in the day, those guys really were trailblazers, they were one of the reasons that I wanted to be one of those guys."

His favorite part of WrestleMania: "The biggest event of WM for me is always going to be the main event. You know, 'Who's going to headline the main event?' 'Who's going to headline WrestleMania?!' For myself, I always that dream, that want, that need to headline WrestleMania... I got a chance to do that with Triple H, and it was an awesome, awesome feeling. To just know that one guy, a fresh, young guy hopefully, will get a chance to do that, to wonder what's in their feeling, what they're going through, because I know, I've been there, to be a HEADLINER at WrestleMania."


Booker T also discussed the new WWE Performance Center, next year's WrestleMania being in New Orleans, Houston sports and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Source: NOLA Defender

Micha contributed to this article.