Chris Van Vliet from CBS-19 in Cleveland spoke with Chris Jericho, who discussed touring with FOZZY, his light-up jacket costing $15,000, the rumors of him going to TNA, his reaction when Vince told him he was going to become the first ever Undisputed Champion, his favorite promos of all time, Austin Aries’ claim as the “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” and whether or not he has plans to return or to retire. You can check out the full interview in the video above, here are a couple of highlights:

If there is anything he still wants to accomplish in the WWE: “I’ve done everything that I could ever want to do. If you would have asked me that question 5 years ago I would have said ‘I want to do this, this and this’ but over the last few years all of that has come to fruition. So if I never wrestled again, I would have no regrets. But hopefully that’s not the case.”

Being OK putting over young talent: “It’s my job. If I was an actor in a Spielberg movie and he said on page 10 you die and I said I don’t think I should do that then he’ll say well get the hell out of here and we’ll get another actor. And it’s the same thing in the WWE. If I’m going to be going back on a part time basis which is basically the way is it for me now… if Vince is going to let me come back for two months, who am I to say no to anything that he wants me to do. And it’s kind of a fun thing for me to go there and work with some younger guys. I’m kind of bulletproof, so I can lose to pretty much everybody and it doesn’t really make a difference. But if I had my way I would be winning every match. It’s not like I’m going in there and choosing, ‘I must be the guy who puts guys over’. Screw that, I want to win. But if Vince says you’re not winning, then I don’t.”