Dolph Ziggler Talks Kurt Angle And Joining WWE, WWE Lists Greatest Crowd Reactions (Video)

- The latest WWE Countdown video is a two-parter listing the greatest WWE crowd reactions. You can watch #20-11 above, the top ten will be posted next week.

- Dolph Ziggler appeared at the Windsor Star News Cafe earlier today, ahead of tonight's live event at the WFCU Centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. During his appearance, Ziggler discussed how Kurt Angle's success made him realize that he could make it in WWE.

"I'm not a bigger guy, so I told myself that if I could break some records in college, because of how good Kurt Angle was doing at the time with WWE, that I'd have a shot to get my foot in the door," Ziggler said. "I was lucky enough, I did well in college, they gave me a shot, they knew I was a fan and it all worked out."

- The Windsor Star has an article about Ziggler's appearance today at this link.

- We would appreciate a report for tonight's live event at the WFCU Centre, so if you are attending it, please send us a report by clicking here.


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