HHH Invites Rhodes Family To RAW; Talks Booking The Shield Against 11 Stars, Orton, Miz, Bryan

Michael Cole once again interviewed WWE COO Triple H on WWE.com, which you can watch at this link. At the outset, Triple H noted that Cole had gotten a little disrespectful the past couple of weeks, to which Cole apologized. Here are highlights from the interview:

- When asked why he booked The Shield against eleven stars on RAW, he said that it was what the WWE fans and Superstars wanted. It was best for business, he gives the fans what they want.

- The Miz was disrespectful, and what Stephanie McMahon said about him was true. Miz isn't where he should be, and he's not the Superstar "that he thinks that he is." He calls Miz "a bit of a smart a--," which made Cole laugh. Triple H admitted he was too, but that he could back it up while Miz has never been able to. Miz has a big mouth which got shut.

- It's never been more clear that Randy Orton should be the face of the company after destroying the Miz and Rob Van Dam. He said that Orton is A+ and that no one can touch him.

- Daniel Bryan is "a good little hand" that won't give up, but he's a B player. He said that he shouldn't be proud that he took a team of 11 guys to beat 3. Bryan is "valuable," but a B player, and Triple H stands by it until Bryan proves otherwise.

- He was angry on Monday for Goldust and Cody Rhodes trespassing on RAW "illegally." He later felt bad for them because no one in the family has a job and can afford bail. After seeing the WWE.com poll where fans voted that the Rhodes family should have jobs with the company, he's inviting the Rhodes family on RAW this Monday and will give them an open forum to say whatever they want. Triple H said that he has a "lucrative" proposition for the Rhodes family, that they will be interested in. He guarantees the safety of the Rhodes family like he "guarantees the safety of each Superstar on this roster."


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