Impact Wrestling Review: Are Hulk Hogan's Days In TNA Numbered?

This episode of Impact Wrestling was presented from Little Rock, AR. It continued the saga of A.J. Styles vs. Dixie Carter, with Hulk Hogan included in the mix. It appears as if the crowd was much larger that the deceptively-tarped normal attendance. If anyone attended the event, feel free to post a wide shot of the crowd below.


The show starts off with more problems involving the Aces and Eights. Bully Ray promised to excommunicated the loser of the six-man tag match against the Main Event Mafia.

Eric Young/Joseph Park/ODB vs. Bro Mans/Gail Kim was a good moment of humor for the show. The Bro Mans are being properly used, that being comic relief heels who are not very meaningful outside of putting other teams over. TNA could attempt to make them a credible team and feud with Storm and Gunner. However, the division is not missing anything by that not happening. On the other hand, Park, Young and ODB continue to be popular talent for the company.


Austin Aries vs. Kenny King was a good match, and an acceptable way to bring back King. Although it appears as if this was just a one-off match, these two could have commenced a pretty good feud. Added to Aries not being involved in a major storyline heading to Bound for Glory, coupled with King being grossly underutilized, it would not take much to get a good angle started. Both are good in the ring, and are charismatic. We shall see if anything else brews from this match.

Manik vs. Chris Sabin was a good match, and was the right call. Even with its underexposure, Manik has done a fair job continuing to make the X Division relevant. TJ Perkins is liked by the fans, and his in-ring ability is very unique. Sabin continues to hone his craft as a heel, and Aries making the save could set up a potential feud with Sabin. If nothing comes out of Aries/King, Aries/Sabin would also be a sufficient feud to watch.

Interestingly, Manik was not satisfied with his performance:

MEM vs. Aces and Eights was a decent match, giving the MEM some steam during their feud with E.G.O. Instead of a graceful exit, TNA is deciding to slowly dissolve Aces and Eights. Honestly, milking the existence of the group does nothing but causes more irritation to many TNA viewers, seeing how the group has been irrelevant for quite some time. Although it is never a good thing for any wrestler to be released (seeing how this is their livelihood), Brisco has no important value for the company.


The final segment with Hulk Hogan, A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter was promising. Again, Carter is not an expert in being a heel, but at least she is improving from week to week. The proposal that Dixie Carter offered Hulk Hogan is a good sign that Hogan may not be with the company much longer. Although he did not substantially make a difference during his TNA tenure, at least he was a big name that helped the legitimacy of the company from an international standpoint. Say what you want, but Hogan will always be synonymous with pro wrestling, and the sponsors tend to agree.

As far as another run in the WWE?let the rumors fly.

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