– Jim Ross was asked in the Q&A section of his website if he is under a no-compete clause following his WWE retirement, or if he is able to pursue other professional wrestling projects. JR replied, “I can pursue any opportunities I choose. Weighing many options.”

– Ralph Gardner Jr. of The Wall Street Journal has an article at this link about spending time with WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino at the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy last Sunday. In the story, Bruno discussed being introduced to wrestling and bodyslamming Haystacks Calhoun.

The Chicago Tribune has an article about Daniel Bryan and comic book artist Jill Thompson, who designed Bryan’s ring gear. Thompson noted that she reached out to Bryan on Twitter three years ago after she saw a photo of him with her “Beasts of Burden” comic book, and he eventually asked her to design his ring gear. Bryan also discussed the parallels between wrestling and comic books.

“I think what attracted me to wrestling was the same thing that attracted me to comics: The larger-than-life characters,” Bryan said. “There are so many similarities between the two – the spandex, the muscularity, big guys who fight good vs. evil, it’s very present in both comics and wrestling. The two are perfectly compatible.”