Ken Shamrock Open To WWE Return, Joins Tito Ortiz In Twitter Fight With Dana White

- Ken Shamrock noted on his Twitter that he would like to return to WWE, but that Vince McMahon "is the man who can set it up."

- Shamrock and UFC President Dana White also took to their rivalry to Twitter last night, which featured a cameo from TNA / Bellator star Tito Ortiz. In a nutshell, Dana White wants the $175,000 that he is owed from Shamrock stemming from a lawsuit between them that was settled in 2010, while Shamrock feels that Dana doesn't respect the fighters and stiffed him on the UFC 40 payoff. Tito Ortiz agreed with Shamrock. You can check out some of their tweets below. A couple of them are a little out of order, but you get the idea:


Shamrock: Hey I got a idea I keep saying that ufc is not being truthful about what's being made and they say everything but what I am accusing them of one simple way to stop this is to open the books and prove me wrong and I will say I am sorry how does that sound. PROVE ME WRONG I DARE YOU, god bless – Ken shamrock ... I set the record straight and gave you your dues Tito. –

Ortiz: #truth I got paid on our PPV 40

Shamrock: that bald bully pulled the 99K on me. He went on record the other night threatening me.... makes me sick the other night insulting me and frank and insulting you. He needs help badly

Ortiz: as u said it all come around. Karma is a B

White: tell him [Shamrock] he's a f–king deadbeat and to shut up and pay the money he owes. Got some big balls talking s–t when he owes me big $


Shamrock: tell him [White] to come get it. – sick of his bullying – he is the 2013 version of A Slave driver... @OkamiYushin got cut today? @jonfitchdotnet got cut!! @riddletuf7 banished!! @JohnCholish @TwasEbersole @kongo4real

White: pay your debt u deadbeat! you better start selling some of those McShamrock shake s–t or whatever the get rich quick thing u r workin on is. love a scumbag who talks s–t who lies and tries to steal and then loses and doesn't pay his debt. I'm a "bully"? U r scum

Shamrock: Dana the drink is good. I will send you a box. Very very healthy... he constantly disrespects me & my brother. He insults Tito every week and said randy did everything to Hurt the UFC

White: freaks think u deserve respect cause u have been getting ur ass beat since 1996? There is nothing about u that deserves respect...

Shamrock: DW that's not true. What happened to the humble, smiling, happy kid from Boston? ... you have become very very condescending. This is not who you were pre zuffa

White: do u owe me money Ken? Yes or No?

Shamrock: DW, you owe me $ from UFC 40. 99k buys? You forgot that conversation? I still send everlasting positivity from above for you... don't forget where you came from Dana. I hope you find peace in life and may god bless you


White: The UFC Shamrock was in went out of business TUF made UFC. Tito wasn't even in UFC during TUF1

Ortiz: ya because you tried to sign me to a s–t ass contract... Facts are facts. Until @ufc open the real books and show the profit you all will never know. Wish fighters would say the truth. Integrity

Shamrock: TUF 3 was your best season hands down DW I guess you forgot the TUF Season 3 and the hard work Tito and I put in for the company? DW, insult me constantly, but I will still send god's love to you.

White: ya do business with the POS then come talk to me a guy who doesn't pay his debt owed. money that his scummy ass owes. He wants to climb out from under some rock and talk s–t?

Shamrock: no Rock Dana. I just don't understand why you insult @frankshamrock & @titoortiz so much? Why Dana

White: so I should listen to his phony bulls–t cause he got his ass whooped by Royce? That's why he is a legend.... what amazing run did he have to be a legend? Got his ass whooped by Royce then what? What amazing thing did he do... He is trying so hard to get Viacom MMA to give him some $ and they might. Then he can pay what he owes me.

Shamrock: don't deny us our place in history DW. That's not right.. my brother @frankshamrock has been banished from the HOF? I'm sending love from god to make DW happy again – ken.. I love MMA and I stand up for the future. So does Tito and my brother