I recently interviewed former WWE and TNA Superstar Matt Morgan, who left TNA earlier this summer. During the interview, which will be published in its entirety this week, I asked Morgan about the possibility of a WWE return.

“I think it’s very possible,” Morgan replied. “I think I went out and I did what I was asked [after his WWE release]. I went out and got the experience that I would need to get as far as main event experience. More importantly, I think I’ve matured into the, not just the character, but the man I am today. I’m about to be a first time father on top of it. When I was first in WWE, I was a functioning addict. I was a painkiller abuser. I’ve been sober for seven years now. It was a Godsend that I was able to leave WWE when I did because that’s when I was able to go out and get myself clean.”

Morgan also discussed the current product, and noted that there were a lot of potential new opponents for him in the company.

“I think with that company there’s so many fresh matchups for me. There’s so many endless possibilities. That company’s really cooking right now on all cylinders. Triple H done an amazing job. I just watched RAW the other night, the thing that he’s got right now with Randy [Orton], as well as Daniel [Bryan], is absolutely perfect. Perfect. And all the people that are b—hing and moaning going, ‘ah, they shouldn’t disrespect him by calling him small and s–t like that. They ruined his moment [winning the WWE Championship at SummerSlam].’ That’s the whole point! That’s the hook! The fans out there that think he’s never going to get higher – as far as reaction – than he was at that moment, you should see the reaction he gets when he finally climbs that hill and conquers. It’s going to be something that, instead of maybe for eight months of him being super duper over, it’s something that they’re trading for years and years and years of drawing power. As him as the top dude, the top dog. My hat’s off, he’s done an amazing job.

“Between that, the Performance Center and just the overall general direction company is going in, at the moment is very cool, very exciting. Like I said, I like the opportunity for all the fresh match ups that are out there for me. There’s a brand new roster than when I was there.”

The first part of our three part interview with Matt Morgan will be posted on this site this Wednesday afternoon.