As noted in a previous Retro Wednesday article, Hulk Hogan was stripped of the WWE Championship on an episode of The Main Event as a result of a controversial count. Andre the Giant won the championship, and subsequently relinquished it over to Ted DiBiase. This did not stand, as DiBiase was stripped of the title, forcing it to be held up.

The new champion was crowned through a tournament held at WrestleMania IV. In the finals, which pitted Randy Savage against Ted DiBiase, Andre the Giant constantly interfered during the match. This caused Savage to command Elizabeth to go backstage and get an equalizer—Hulk Hogan. Evenutally, Hogan fulfilled his role as the equalizer, and assisted Savage in becoming the world champion. This formed the team who were later coined as the Mega Powers.

Although the uberly weird handshakes would show a bit of reluctance, the team soared in popularity in 1988, defeating the team of Ted BiBiase and Andre the Giant, known as the Mega Bucks at SummerSlam. Despite their popularity, the team began to show some dissension. Particularly, due to Savage's jealousy of how friendly Hogan and Elizabeth were becoming.

This all came to a head on an episode of The Main Event that aired on February 3, 1989. During a tag team match against the Twin Towers, Big Bossman and Akeem, Savage became irate due to Hogan leaving the match to aid an injured Elizabeth who was escorted backstage. Hogan returned to the match, but did not receive the support of Savage, as he slapped Hogan and left the ring. Hogan won the match, but the boiling point of Savage reached a zenith.

The breakup became official when Savage and Hogan engaged in a heated argument in the medical area backstage. A frustrated Savage began to accuse Hogan of having "jealous eyes" and felt that he was trying to take Elizabeth away from him. While Hogan rejected these accusations, Savage still remained stubborn and attacked Hogan with the WWE title.

The culmination of this breakup led to a match between the two at WrestleMania V, in which Hogan won his second WWE Championship.

The Hogan/Savage feud has to go down as one of the best angles in WWE history. The time spent on this program was not rushed, a tag team was formed, followed by a heel turn and a culmination at WrestleMania with two of the biggest names of all-time. Moments like these truly defines the art of storytelling from a pro wrestling standpoint.

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