Starting on Monday, September 16th, WrestlingInc’s facebook page, a tournament to determine the Greatest Wrestler of All-Time will debut. The tournament will be made up of 32 wrestlers, and will be determined by fan voting on WINC’s facebook page. The tournament is broken up into four regions, with wrestlers being seeded 1-8 to create the match-ups, similar to the NCAA March Madness tournament.

One match-up a day will take place on WINC’s facebook page, with a poll voted on by you, the users, determining who advances. Whichever wrestler receives more votes is declared the winner and moves onto the next round. This will happen until only two wrestlers are left, in which the final poll will commence and the Greatest Wrestler of All-Time is determined.

The criteria for “Greatest Wrestler” is whatever you personally feel like it should be. If you think it should be about pure technical wrestling ability, then vote like that. Think drawing power is the most important aspect? Then vote for the biggest draws.

To get us started, 30 wrestlers have already been selected and seeded for the tournament. To keep things simple, the tournament is open only to wrestlers who where active after 1984, and to wrestlers who worked mostly in the United States and Canada. Incorporating all the territory workers and international legends would just be too difficult, and they might not get their due if they were going up against Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan in a fan vote.

Here are the per-determined wrestlers and their seeding:

#1 Seeds

Ric Flair
Hulk Hogan
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Undertaker

#2 Seeds

Bret Hart
Shawn Michaels
Randy Savage
The Rock

#3 Seeds

Harley Race
Terry Funk
Dusty Rhodes

#4 Seeds

Ricky Steamboat
Triple H
Andre The Giant
Kurt Angle

#5 Seeds

John Cena
Ted Dibiase
Roddy Piper
Mick Foley

#6 Seeds

Mr. Perfect
Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
Arn Anderson

#7 Seeds

Ultimate Warrior
CM Punk

#8 Seeds

Kevin Nash
Jake Roberts

You will notice the last two 8 seeds are mysteries. That is because those two final slots are left open for write-in candidates. Leave a comment at the bottom of the page about who you think should be in this tournament that is not already in it. The top two wrestlers with the most comments will be put into the final two slots.

The beauty of this tournament is that it is totally up to you, the users, on who wins it and who gets knocked out in the first round. Think John Cena is too high? Vote him out. Think Goldberg shouldn’t even be in the tournament? Vote him out.

Make sure to Like WrestlingInc on facebook at the bottom of this page to make sure you are ready to participate in the voting. The first match-up starts Monday!