Thanks to reader Cody Drennen for sending in these results for next week’s Impact Wrestling, taped after last night’s show in St. Louis, MO:

For starters, we got there early and were the first ones at the door. The guys that sells TNA stuff came out and told us that we could meet Dixie Carter if we brought her figure for $40, which we said no as I think it was too much for a figure. He also said that you could get your picture taking with the TNA World Championship. He was selling 12 of them and really only sold about 5, if that.

TNA Xplosion

* Kazarian defeated Chris Sabin. After the match Sabin, who was with Velvet Sky, looked really ticked off.

Impact Wrestling results for 9/19

During the second taping, no backstage interviews were shown to the live crowd.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Manic with the Swanton Bomb. After the match, Jeff Hardy shook Manic’s hand. Chris Sabin, who was watching from ringside with Velvet Sky, went in the ring and raised Manic’s hand as well. He then attacked Manic, and Jeff Hardy went running back to the ring as Sabin left and took off running with Velvet.

* ODB defeated Mickie James to win the Knockouts Championship. It was a good Knockouts match.

After the match, Eric Young and Joesph Park comes out to celebrate, but were interrupted by Bromans. They go back and forth and Robbie E says that he understands why EY is celebrating since he is married to that “thing,” but Park has no right to celebrate. He said that those three are the weirdest threesome ever. Park took the mic and told him to shut up and to not talk about EY or ODB like that. He then told them to change their clothes as they are defending the whole city of St. Louis tonight. Robbie E then challenged him to a match, which was accepted by Eric Young.

* After about a three second match, Eric Young rolls up Robbie E up for the three.

* Robbie E then challenged Park to a match, which lasted another 3 seconds and again, ended with a roll up. After the match, Bromans attacked both Eric Young and Joseph Park. Park started transforming into Abyss and took Bromans out with a Black Hole Slam. EY then brought Park back to his normal self.

Magnus comes out next and says he wants anyone of EGO to come out and fight him. Kazarian comes out and Magnus gets the better of him. Daniels comes out quickly and they double team Magnus, but Magnus takes over. Bobby Roode comes out and they triple team Magnus until Samoa Joe and Sting run out for the save. Sting then challenged EGO to a six man tag team match tonight.

* Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come out next, followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Gunner. Chavo tells them that his doctor won’t let him wrestle due to injury. Gunner tells them that he doesn’t care, and that he wants to fight someone tonight. He then looks at Hernandez and asks, “what about him?”. James Storm smiles and says that he is going to go sit in the corner, watch him fight and drink some beer. Gunner won with his finisher.

* TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray is out next with Brooke Tessmacher and the rest of Aces & Eights. Bully said that he is glad that Mr. Anderson is out of TNA and that he should have known better. Bully says that there is one person that he wants to thank for retaining the World Heavyweight Title. He goes one by one talking about each member of the group. He then says that that one person he wants to thank is Brooke. He goes and gives Brooke a kiss. In the background, Knux is there showing that they did the triple powerbomb to Anderson last week. Garett Bischoff took the mic and said that it was a group effort and that they are the reason he is TNA Champion. Bully told Garett and Wes to shut up and that they would be nothing without him. Knux was behind Bully. Bully turns around and starts kissing Brooke again and Knux asks, “what about me?” He told Bully that for the past year and a half, when Bully was in trouble, they would bail him out. He then said it was supposed to be “bros before hoes.” Bully didn’t like that and warned Knux not to call Brooke a hoe ever again and shoved him. Knux took off his cap, but Bully got scared and left the ring with Brooke while the other members stayed with Knux.

* EGO defeated The Main Event Mafia after the referee was trying to get control of the match, allowing Bobby Roode to secure Sting’s bat and hit Magnus from behind on the back. Roode covered Magnus for the win. Also, I had the perfect angle of the bat shot. The bat that was used was made out of rubber. As soon as Roode hit Magnus with it, it bent just like rubber would. Very strange to see.

AJ Styles comes out next and said that he wanted to get something off his chest. He said that he been there since day one and that he is sick of Dixie Carter hiring all of these UFC guys. He said that instead of having guys like Petey Williams, Low Ki and Elix Skipper, she has to pay for those UFC guys. He noted that he is the only one left from the Nashville days. He mentioned Jerry Lynn, Low Ki and a few others from the Nashville days, and said that they deserve better. He said the real truth behind Dixie getting the company was that her daddy bought it for her because she wanted to be in wrestling and had no idea about wrestling.

Dixie Carter comes out and starts crying and saying he was right. It was very tough to hear as she didn’t speak loud in the mic. She then started getting louder and louder until she was screaming. She said she is sick and tired of everyone talking about her like she doesn’t know what she is doing. She said she is getting tired of AJ running his mouth. She said that if it was not for her, he would still be living in his trailer instead of the house that he lives in now. AJ said that his contract is up in a few weeks and Dixie said that she doesn’t care. Dixie start talking about his nickname, the Phenomenal One, and Dixie asks when the last time was that he ever had a great match. Dixie said that she made AJ Styles and his gimmick.

AJ started to say something, but Dixie screams to cut his mic. The mic is cut and Dixie runs over and takes the camera’s man headset off and says something. Then the arena goes pitch black like she cut the show (which is where I assume Impact ends next week). AJ then grabbed the mic Dixie had and said something about her husband while it was still pitch black, but it was hard to hear as that mic cut out as well. It was out for a few minutes before they came back on and Dixie was gone while AJ got on the mat and counted 1, 2, 3 and motioned that he will be the new TNA Champion.

The second Xplosion match was The Bro Mans taking on Eric Young and Joesph Park. Joseph Park and Eric Young won with a double splash from the top rope/middle rope in case of Park.


All night JB was saying the loudest fans would get to go backstage, which they did. I notice after they went back, they brought them over to sit by the ramp.

Biggest Pops:
1. Jeff Hardy
2. Sting
3. AJ Styles
4. Hulk Hogan
5. Mr. Anderson

Most Heat:
1. Bully Ray
2. Dixie Carter
3. EGO
4. The rest of Aces & Eights
5. The Bro Mans

It was a good show, as this was my first TNA live show. I will say this, the second show was the better of the two and the AJ/Dixie ending was just amazing. It’s worth watching for that alone.

Cody Drennen contributed to this article.