– As noted earlier, more than 300 fans took part in the Shawn Michaels Experience this past weekend, a meet and greet and fan Q&A featuring WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. The News Virginian has an article about the appearance at this link.

– Mick Foley takes his “Tales From Wrestling Past” comedy show to Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville this Thursday at 7:30 pm. You can get more details or purchase tickets at this link.

– The latest episode of The Steve Austin Show, featuring stuntman Paul Lazenby, is online at this link.

– The Rock posted the following on his Instagram account this morning, noting how challenging his new movie, Hercules, has been:

“You know when you go to the zoo and that one Silverback just stares coldly at you wanting to rip you apart cause he’s just tired of being in captivity… This is my 5th month of a strict 7 meal a day diet, daily 345am wake ups to work out 2x’s before coming to set. Shoot intense scenes for 12hrs, but before that Im in my hair & make up trailer for 4hrs getting prodded, pulled, pushed, glued, painted with tattoo cover, applying animal teeth punctures, scars, claw slashes, dirt & blood by a multitude of handlers. The longest & most challenging movie I’ve ever filmed. Worth every minute of the grind, cause we’re making something epic. #HERCULESMovie #SilverbackNeedsADonut #StopProddingMyPec”