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Facebook.com Preliminary Fights:

-Daniel Omieianczuk def. Nandor Gueimino via KO (left hook) at 3:18 of Round 3.
-Alex Caceres def. Roland Delorme via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.
-Michel Prazeres def. Jesse Ronson via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.
-John Makdessi def. Renee Forte via TKO (punches) at 2:01 of Round 1.

FOX Sports 1 Preliminary Fights:

-Mitch Gagnon def. Dustin Kimura via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 4:05 of Round 1.
-Stephen Thompson def. Chris Clements via KO (punches) at 1:27 of Round 2.
-Wilson Reis def. Ivan Menjivar via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.
-Myles Jury def. Mike Ricci via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) after 3 Rounds.

UFC 165: "Jones vs. Gustafsson" Pay-Per-View Fights:

The pay-per-view card opens with lightweight action. From this point on, we will be providing detailed, round-by-round live results of each fight. Make sure to refresh this page every few minutes for the latest update.

Pat Healy vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Round 1: Khabib and Healy are feeling each other out early on. Healy with a big uppercut and left hook attempt, neither really finds the mark. Healy is swinging wild early on. Healy with a takedown attempt, which is stuffed by Khabib. Healy is really the aggressor here in the first. Khabib bullies Healy into the cage, but Healy circles out. Khabib with a wild overhand right attempt, but Healy is able to avoid it. Khabib with a flying knee that partially finds the mark. Khabib follows that up with another flying knee attempt. Khabib is starting to pick up the pace a bit now. Khabib partially lands a decent uppercut. Healy has a big cut under his left eye now. Khabib lands a very nice right hook that finds the mark. The referee stops the action because Khabib lost his mouth piece. We resume the action and both guys are slowing down a bit now. Healy lands a decent right hand to the body. Khabib with a solid uppercut, followed by a vicious hook. Healy is keeping constant pressure on Khabib, but Khabib is slowly picking him apart. Khabib with a big flying knee once again. These two are really slugging it out this entire first round. Khabib with his first takedown. Healy wall-walks up off the cage and we're back on our feet slugging it out. Khabib takes him down again but Healy again uses the cage to get back to his feet. Khabib lands two really good punches right as the buzzer sounds to end the first round. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Round 2: Healy again starts the second round as the aggressor. Khabib manages to avoid most of Healy's sloppy onslaught and takes him down. Healy quickly works his way back to his feet and the two separate. Khabib is utilizing good footwork to avoid most of Healy's striking attempts. The pace is slowing down here mid-way into the second frame. Khabib lands a decent uppercut. Healy catches Khabib with a good shot. Healy lands another good punch. Khabib with a flying knee attempt but doesn't come close. Khabib appears to be slowing down quite a bit here in the second round. Healy and Khabib end up on the ground during a clinch-scramble, but they quickly pop back up to their feet. Khabib has Healy against the cage and is looking to sweep his legs out from under him. No dice. The two separate and Healy is landing jabs at will now. Khabib with a decent leg kick. Khabib looking to take this fight to the ground, but Healy is defending well. The referee is calling for action now as the two are clinched against the cage. The two separate and Khabib lands a decent uppercut. Khabib immediately pushes Healy back into the fence again. Healy circles out and lands a good counter-right hand. Khabib with a very good double-leg dive now and we're back on the ground. Khabib is working from inside Healy's full guard. Khabib is working some ground and pound now, mixing his shots up to the body and head of Healy. Healy throws his legs up, looking for a triangle, but the buzzer sounds to end the round. Tough round to score. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Round 3: The third round begins and Healy lands a solid right hand. Khabib looking for a takedown but doesn't get it. Khabib pushes Healy into the fence but Healy lands a knee to the body and circles out. Healy right a decent lead-right hand. Healy stuffs a Khabib takedown attempt. Khabib follows that up with another takedown attempt, and this time he gets it. WrestlingINC.com gave the last round, which was close, but Khabib likely stole it with the late takedown. This time Khabib has Healy down and is controlling him well from the top with plenty of time left in the round. Healy looking to sweep his way out, but Khabib blocks it and manages to land a couple of good punches to the face of Healy. Healy is using the cage to try and get up as his corner screams for him to get back to his feet. He finally does. Khabib picks Healy up and walks him across the cage before slamming him down hard. The crowd exploded for that spot. Khabib is working again from inside Healy's full guard. Healy's corner is again screaming for him to get up. Khabib isn't very busy from the top, but is managing to stay busy enough to avoid a restart from the ref. Khabib is turning on the ground and pound now. Khabib is smashing Healy from the top at this point as the crowd starts to get more into the action. Healy is opening his guard now, moving his hips and looking for any openings he can find. Khabib is continuing to control him and is working some more ground and pound. Khabib advances to side control. Healy is starting to look tired. Healy gives Khabib his back. They scramble a bit and Khabib is back on top. Healy regains full guard from the bottom with 20 seconds left in the round. Khabib is simply holding Healy down now and riding out the clock. Khabib stands up for a big shot but misses it. Healy scrambles, trying to get to his feet, but Khabib controls him and the buzzer sounds. Khabib should win an easy unanimous decision. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Pat Healy via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) after 3 Rounds.

Up next is a very interesting middleweight contest between two contenders who are both riding five-fight win streaks.

Costa Philippou vs. Francis Carmont

Round 1: Costa is feeling Carmont out a bit, looking to find a way inside the long reach of the Montreal native. Carmont with a vicious leg kick, followed by a slick takedown. Costa is pushing on Carmont's hips and looking to work his way back to his feet. Costa butt-scoots his way to the cage and is looking to use the fence to wall-walk his way back up. Carmont is doing a good job controlling Costa's hips to keep him grounded. Carmont is controlling the wrist and switches to Costa's back. Carmont does not have his hooks in on the back of Costa, but is looking to secure a rear-naked choke anyway. Carmont lets that go in favor of some punches from behind. Georges St-Pierre can be heard clearly in Carmont's corner shouting instructions. Carmont flattens Costa out a bit and is now on top of him, inside Costa's half-guard. Big punch from Carmont on top. Costa manages to regain full-guard. Costa is stacking up and is looking for a possible armbar attempt. Carmont steps over and is now in full side-control. Carmont's strong punches from the top are starting to show on Costa's face now, as announcer Joe Rogan points out. Costa regains half-guard. Carmont is peppeing Costa with punches from the top. Costa is looking for an oma plata now, but Carmont escapes and lands some strong strikes from the top to make Costa pay. Carmont is now in side control again. 30 seconds left in the opening round as Carmont has been in complete control the entire time. Costa works some upkicks as Carmont stands up briefly. Costa is trying for one final armbar attempt as the round closes. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Francis Carmont.

Round 2: Referee "Big" John McCarthy starts the second round and Carmont comes out with a big leg kick. Costa is up on his toes now and is likely going to utilize his footwork to the best of his ability to avoid going back to the ground. No dice, however, as Carmont immediately takes Costa back to the ground. Carmont is working some ground and pound from inside the full guard of Costa. Carmont applies a can-opener to attempt to open the guard of Costa and advance his position on top. Costa scoots his way to the cage for a wall-walk attempt, but Carmont is staying heavy on top and controlling the hips of Costa to keep him on the ground. We get a nice clear shot on-camera now of GSP in Carmont's corner shouting instructions in French to his fighter. Costa is close to getting back to his feet, but Carmont sucks the hips of Costa close to him and yanks him right back to the mat. Carmont is again dominating the action from the top, as the action is looking very similar to the previous round. The fans in the Air Canada Centre are growing restless now, and they are letting the fighters know it. "Big" John takes note and calls for a stand up. Both guys are back on their feet now and Costa is winging overhand rights at Carmont, none of which are finding the mark. Carmont is pawing with his jab now, but uses that to distract Costa as he takes him down yet again. Carmont is now 3-for-3 with his takedowns in this fight. Carmont grabs onto Costa's arm, looking for a kimura attempt. He lets that go in favor of some elbows. The crowd is starting to boo again as the action slows down just a bit. Carmont is working some short elbows from inside the half-guard of Costa. The crowd is boo'ing very loud now. Carmont stands up and is throwing big punches down to a grounded Costa. 30 seconds left in the second round. Carmont continues to control and ground-and-pound Costa as the buzzer sounds to end the second frame. Another big round for Francis Carmont. Costa needs something huge in the upcoming third and final round if he wants any chance at winning this fight. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Francis Carmont.

Round 3: The third round begins and Carmont attempts a sneaky spinning back kick. Carmont with a head kick attempt. Costa lands a decent leg kick. Carmont has had enough of the striking on the feet, as he takes Costa down again with ease. Carmont is 4-for-4 now on takedown attempts. Carmont is working light punches from inside the half-guard of Costa. Costa is starting to look really discouraged on the bottom now. Carmont is screaming out loud now as he lands more punches from the top position. Costa is trying to use the cage to get back to his feet. Costa manages to get back up briefly, but Carmont puts him right back down. Costa is looking for a guillotine choke from the bottom. He's not going to get it though, as he only has half-guard. Carmont escapes and is back to working ground and pound from the top. Costa is throwing his legs up again, looking for another potential submission attempt, but Carmont is doing a great job of controlling Costa. "Big" John is now calling for more action. Costa is trying to use the cage to get back up again, but Carmont is too good at controlling him. Carmont with a big elbow from the top, followed by some more big punches. Carmont is looking to stay busy, as "Big" John is close to standing them back up. Costa is still trying to get back to his feet, but he's not having much luck. 30 seconds left in the final round and this one is looking like a done deal. Carmont gets full mount on Costa now. Carmont lands a big hammer-first. Carmont lands a double-hammer fist, ala Kazushi Sakuraba. Carmont stands up and walks away as the buzzer sounds. Should be 30-27 across the board for the Montreal native. Great fight from Carmont, as he improves his UFC win streak to six-straight fights. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Francis Carmont.

Francis Carmont def. Costa Philippou via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) after 3 Rounds.

Up next is an interesting heavyweight battle between former season 10 contestants on The Ultimate Fighter, as Matt Mitrione and Brendan Schaub, former friends, are about to slug it out. The two have traded verbal jabs back-and-forth on Twitter leading up to this fight, so this one should be a good one.

Brendan Schaub vs. Matt Mitrione

Round 1: Mitrione refuses to touch gloves as the fight begins. Both guys are feeling each other out early on. Mitrione is stalking Schaub as Schaub circles and paws his jab at Matt. Schaub swings a few wild overhand punches, connecting slightly with his left. Mitrione lands a strong inside leg kick. Schaub with another wild overhand punch that misses the mark. Schaub lands a decent right hand. Schaub is bleeding a bit over his left eye. Schaub lands a big right hand. Mitrione is now bleeding as well. Mitrione lands another decent leg kick. Schaub looking for a takedown but Mitrione avoids it. You can feel the tension in this one fellas! Both guys are bleeding and are winging wild punches at one-another. Many questioned if these two were only pretending to have a problem with each other, but from the looks of things, they generally have a beef with one-another. Schaub pushes forward with a big combination. Schaub lands several punches and then takes Mitrione down. The crowd erupted for that one. Schaub is working from inside Mitrione's half-guard. Schaub is looking for an arm-triangle, but he's stuck in the half-guard of Mitrione. Mitrione is looking to get up but Schaub clamps on a deep D'arce choke. Schaub puts Mitrione out with that choke. Mitrione refused to tap, so he instead went to sleep. Schaub celebrates his impressive first-round submission victory. Mitrione gets up and the two embrace. They bury the hatchet and are smiling and talking to each other now. Good fight.

Brendan Schaub def. Matt Mitrione via Submission (D'Arce Choke) at 4:06 of Round 1.

Up next is a five-round, interim bantamweight title fight between champion Renan Barao and hard-hitting challenger Eddie Wineland.

Renan Barao (c) vs. Eddie Wineland [UFC Interim Bantamweight Title]

Round 1: Barao starts the round off with a good leg kick. Wineland with a one-two, but neither punch finds the mark. The fans in Toronto are chanting "Eddie, Eddie." Wineland lands a big right. The referee warns Barao to keep his kicks up after one lands a bit low. Wineland with a decent combo. Wineland pushes Barao into the fence. After a lull in the action, the referee breaks the fighters. The action resumes now as Wineland is starting to string his punches together. Barao with a high kick attempt, but Wineland catches it and nearly takes him down off of it. The two are circling again now as Wineland is feinting a bit and looking for a big right hand. Wineland is doing a decent job so far here in the first. Barao with a crazy spin-kick attempt that fails to hit the target. Barao lunges in with a decent body shot. A good leg kick from Barao. Decent body shot from Wineland. Barao with a decent right hook that was partially blocked by Wineland. A superman punch by Barao misses the mark. Barao lands a nice right hand over the top of a punch attempt by Wineland. 30 seconds left in the first round. Barao lands a couple decent punches. Wineland backs up for the first time in the round. Decent leg-kick by Barao. Barao with another wild right hand to close the round. Pretty tough round to score. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Renan Barao.

Round 2: The two touch gloves and round two of our interim bantamweight title fight is underway. Barao with a lead-left hook and a good kick to the body. Wineland mixing his punches up to the body and head. Barao with a spinning back-kick to the head. Barao follows in with some punches on the ground and the referee stops it. That came out of nowhere. Very impressive by Barao.

Renan Barao def. Eddie Wineland via TKO (strikes) at 0:35 of Round 2 to retain his UFC Interim Bantamweight Title.

Up next is the one we've been waiting for all night, the pound-for-pound king of the UFC, Jon "Bones" Jones defending his UFC Light Heavyweight Title against top contender Alexander Gustafsson.

Jon Jones (c) vs. Alexander Gustafsson [UFC Light Heavyweight Title]

Round 1: Gustafsson comes out with a nice inside leg kick to start things off. Jones is backing up and avoiding the forward-moving Gustafsson. Jones is throwing awkward kicks at the legs of Gustafsson, ala his fight with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Jones with a high-kick attempt, but it is blocked by Gustafsson. Spinning-back kick to the body by Jones. Jones throwing a lot of kicks here early. Gustafsson tries answering back with some kicks of his own. Jones is kicking at the knees of Gustafsson a lot, very similar to how he did in his fight with Rampage. Gustafsson lands a very solid jab to the face of Jones, as announcer Joe Rogan points out. Jones with a decent kick to the body. Gustafsson is circling and pawing with his jab as Jones continues to kick away at his legs. Gustafsson lands a glancing right hand to the face of Jones. And another. Gustafsson is doing better so far than many might have expected. Gustafsson moves forward and lands another punch. Jones is cut over his right eye. The crowd is really starting to rally behind Gustafsson. Gustafsson is pushing forward and landing some good shots. Spinning back-kick to the body by Jones. Jones again kicking away at the knees and thighs of Gustafsson. Jones goes high for a head-kick attempt but Gustafsson avoids it and lands a good combo on Jones. Joe Rogan is really selling the performance by Gustafsson big time. Superman punch by Gustafsson partially finds the mark. Gustafsson takes Jones down and the crowd explodes. That is the first time in UFC history that Jon Jones has been taken down. Both guys quickly get back to their feet. Gustafsson just got poked in the eye. "Big" John McCarthy breaks the action to allow Gustafsson to recover. "Big" John is warning both guys for sticking their fingers out. The action resumes, both guys touch gloves and here we go. Gustafsson is pawing with the jab now. Spinning-elbow by Jones. Jones lands a decent punch and is now looking for a takedown. Big elbow by Jones to end the round. Tough round to score, but that round might have actually gone to Gustafsson. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Alexander Gustafsson.

Round 2: "Big" John forces the corner of Jones to take some of the vaseline off of his eye before the round starts. They take some off, but "Big" John isn't satisfied, so they make them take more off. Jones' eye is already bleeding again before the round even begins. Gustafsson has some swelling and a small cut on his cheek as well. The round begins and here we go. Gustafsson catches a kick attempt by Jones and puts him down. Second time now that Jones has been taken down in UFC history. Jones goes to take Gustafsson down but Gustafsson avoids it with ease. Gustafsson is looking extremely impressive here. Jones looks for another takedown but again Gustafsson manages to avoid it. Gustafsson is having the best performance against Jon Jones compared to any of the champion's past opponents. "Big" John gets in the way of the fighters a bit, as announcer Joe Rogan points out. Gustafsson lands a decent punch on Jones. Gustafsson is using good footwork to avoid Jones' onslaught. Leg-kick by Jones. The action slows down a bit as we approach the half-way point of the second round. Good body kick by Jones. Spinning kick attempt by Jones misses the mark. Jones partially lands a big head-kick as the crowd erupts. Gustafsson with a takedown attempt but Jones stuffs that one with ease. Huge haymaker left hook by Gustafsson just barely misses the mark. Spinning back-kick to the body by Jones. Gustafsson lands a decent jab and follows it up with a leg-kick. Jones misses with a big overhand right. Gustafsson catches another kick by Jones. As he looks to take him down off of the kick, Jones drops to the ground on his own and spins out of it. Pretty sure that doesn't count as a takedown for Gustafsson this time. Good right hand by Jones lands. Inside leg-kick by Jones. The crowd is chanting something now in unison, but it's hard to make out what they're saying. Uppercut by Gustafsson lands. 30 seconds left in the second round. Another leg-kick by Gustafsson. Jones misses a high kick as the round ends. Another really tough round to score, even though Jones goes back to the corner raising his hands as if he won the round. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Jon Jones.

Round 3: We see a close-up of the cut on Jones' eyebrow in-between rounds, and it's a pretty bad cut. The third round begins and Jones comes out throwing a barrage of kicks once again. Gustafsson lands a big combination of punches. Gustafsson is now working a variety of kicks of his own. A smattering of "Gustafsson, Gustafsson" chants breaks out but quickly dies down. Jones with a wild spinning-back kick to the head, ala Renan Barao in the last fight. Gustafsson stuffs a takedown attempt by Jones. Gustafsson lands a jab to the body and then a punch to the face. Jones lands a head-kick on Gustafsson but didn't fully get all of it. Gustafsson lands another solid punch to the face of Jones. This is really unbelievable. No one has hit Jones as much as Gustafsson has tonight, nor has anyone taken Jones down, let alone twice. We're half way through the third round as Jones lands a few leg kicks on Gustafsson. A good uppercut, followed by a solid right hand by Gustafsson. Gustafsson lands another solid right hand. Gustafsson is doing a good job of mixing up his attack. A head-kick by Jones is partially blocked by Gustafsson. Solid leg-kick by Jones. Jones attempts an axe-kick but doesn't find the mark. Jones lands a kick to the body of Gustafsson. Gustafsson is circling and doing a good job of avoiding Jones. Jones lands a very hard kick to the body of Gustafsson, maybe his best cleanly-landed kick of the fight. Gustafsson is starting to take a lot of deep breaths now. Gustafsson lands a decent combo with his hands, mixing up his attack to the body and head. Gustafsson tries a takedown attempt but Jones defends it with ease. Gustafsson is 1-3 with takedown attempts, according to Mike Goldberg, although I've seen two takedowns from him in this fight. Gustafsson is utilizing excellent footwork. Jab and elbow by Gustafsson. Jones with a spinning back-elbow. Gustafsson grabs a body-lock on Jones but can't get the champion down. Jones lands a decent punch right at the buzzer. Another really tough round to call. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Alexander Gustafsson.

Round 4: Gustafsson with a decent jab to open the round. "Big" John warning Jones for his hands in Gustafsson's face. Good shot lands by Jones. Jones throwing a lot of kicks again, mostly to the legs of Gustafsson. Both of Jones' eyes are swollen a bit. Gustafsson lands a decent jab to the face of Jones. It turns out UFC promoted this fight properly, as the height and reach of Gustafsson is really proving to be important in this one. Jones has the longer reach, but not as dominantly long as he has in most fights, which turns out, may be a big part of the reason he is so dominant in past fights. The action is slowing down a bit here in the fourth. Jones lands a solid leg-kick. Gustafsson lands a decent jab. According to Mike Goldberg, Gustafsson has landed more overall strikes in this fight. Over 120 "significant strikes" landed by Gustafsson, according to Goldberg. Gustafsson lands a series of good punches and a decent kick. Gustafsson is landing even more punches to the face now, and the crowd is really coming alive. Jones is looking for a takedown up against the cage now. Gustafsson again defends it. They separate and Jones' cut is bleeding pretty badly into his eyes now. Jones is a bloody mess right now. This is crazy. Gustafsson lands a nice left hook and a jab. Guys, Alexander Gustafsson is winning this round with ease. The crowd is going absolutely nuts. Gustafsson stuffs another takedown attempt by Jones. Jones lands a decent head-kick. Jones' eye is really a bloody, bloody mess. Jones lands a good shot. 30 seconds left in the fourth round. Jones lands a huge elbow. Gustafsson is hurt. Gustafsson is in trouble. He's running now and trying to avoid Jones. Jones looks for a takedown, but even while hurt, Gustafsson avoids going down. Jones lands a couple of huge elbows up against the cage. Flying knee by Jones. Gustafsson's a bloody mess now. This fight is turning into an amazing battle. Gustafsson was winning that round with ease, but Jones nearly stopped him towards the end of the round, so you have to give the round to the champion. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Jon Jones.

Round 5: WrestlingINC.com has the round dead even coming into this fifth and final round. Both guys faces are a mess. The crowd is going nuts. Joe Rogan says Jones may need a stoppage to win. Gustafsson was in serious trouble near the end of the fourth. Gustafsson seems to have recovered in between rounds. Gustafsson lands a couple of good shots early in the fifth. Jones with some good kicks. "Big" John warning both guys to watch their heads on the inside. Gustafsson lands a good uppercut. Big superman punch lands for Jones. Big elbow by Jones. Gustafsson seems to have slowed down a lot in this round. Gustafsson is on his bicycle now, looking to avoid the attack by Jones. Jones seems the fresher of the two. Jones shoots in incredibly quick for a takedown and he gets it. Jones has Gustafsson on his back. Gustafsson is scooting back to the cage and looking to wall-walk back to his feet. He does. The crowd goes crazy. Jones is looking to take him back down but Gustafsson circles out. Jones spits some blood out of his mouth as the two separate. We're half way through the fifth and final round. Jones lands a big head kick. Gustafsson eats it, but takes it well. "Big" John warns both guys to close their hands, so we don't have another eye-poke situation. Big head-kick by Jones. Jones lands another solid kick. Jones looking for another takedown but this time Gustafsson stuffs it. Gustafsson looks extremely tired. Gustafsson throws a spinning back-elbow. "What an incredible fight!" says Joe Rogan. Both guys are questioning who's ahead on the scorecards. Rogan says the fourth round might be the only round Jones has won thus far. Final minute in the final round. Jones lands another head kick. Jones looks up at the clock. Gustafsson lands a decent jab. Gustafsson looking for a takedown but Jones stuffs it with ease and lands another head kick. Gustafsson misses a wild uppercut attempt. Head-kick and an elbow by Jones. Gustafsson has an incredible chin. Flying knee by Jones as the buzzer sounds to end the round. That was an amazing fight. "That might be the greatest title fight in the history of the Light Heavyweight division," says Joe Rogan. This decision is going to be extremely interesting. WrestlingINC.com scores the round 10-9 for Jon Jones.

Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson via Unanimous Decision (48-47 48-47 49-46) after 5 Rounds to retain the UFC Light Heavyweight Title.