Ultimate Warrior At Game Expo (Video), One Day Divas Sale, Nancy O'Dell - WWE, Signed HBK Photos

- You can check out video above of The Ultimate Warrior signing autographs (and body parts) at last weekend's PAX Game Expo in Seattle, WA.

- For today only, you can get up to 50% off Divas merchandise by clicking here.

- As noted earlier, more than 300 fans took part in the Shawn Michaels Experience this past weekend, a meet and greet and fan Q&A featuring WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. Michaels signed extra photos at the event, a limited supply of autographed photos are available at TopRopeProWrestling.com.

- Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell, who founded the "Betty's Battle" charity helping those affected by ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), was one of the featured guests on a recent edition of Monday Night Mayhem, which you can download and listen to here. In this highlight from the interview, transcribed by WrestlingDVDNews.com's Aaron Carnevale, O'Dell discussed WWE's involvement in supporting the MDA.

"They (the WWE) are always so great in saying 'What can we do to support you?' Ironically, ever since that year I talked to you guys (in 2009), they have been involved with MDA ever since," said O'Dell. "They have been there to support and help out with social media. The great thing is that they didn't only do it one year. As soon as they got on board, they continued doing it for the years after. We are always looking to do something. They've asked me to come out for SummerSlam and promote Betty's Battle."


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