WWE Live Event Results From Hidalgo (9/21): People Power Returns, Randy Orton Vs. Daniel Bryan

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Jose Alejos for sending in this report for Saturday's WWE live event at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, TX. Hector Rodriguez contributed to this report.

On Saturday, September 21st, WWE Live was at Hidalgo, Texas. The show began at 7:30pm with the National Anthem.


The show kicked off with Brodus Clay and Sweet T prancing their way to the ring before ripping their clothes off and revealing their Dinosaur themed trunks. They faced off against Hunico and Camacho. Tons of Funk won the match after Tensai landed a second-rope splash on Hunico. Winner: Tons of Funk.

Next, the Big Show is introduced and receives a big reaction from the crowd. After his entrance music dies, a familiar but unexpected music follows. "People power" is seen on the screen as John Laurinaitis appears. After introducing himself with his raspy voice, he informs the Big Show that he will not have a match tonight. Instead, he will be sitting at ringside watching the main event between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.


After Big Show leaves the stage, a Triple-Threat match for the United States Championship follows. Bo Dallas vs Fandango vs Dean Ambrose (c). Dean Ambrose is seen mimicking Fandango's moves at several points throughout the match. In the end, Bo Dallas executes a corner springboard bulldog on Fandango but is quickly rolled up for the pin by Ambrose. Winner: Dean Ambrose.

The audience was given the chance to vote for what type of contest they wanted to see Brie Bella vs Alicia Fox, A match or a Dance-Off. With 54% of the votes, the audience chooses a Dance-off. Brie offers her moves but fails to impress the crowd. A couple of seconds after Alica Fox begins dancing, Brie hits her with a bulldog. The referee calls for the bell to make this an official match. About 10 minutes in, Alicia Fox rolls up Brie Bella for the win. Winner: Alicia Fox.

The following match was for the WWE Tag-Team Championships. The Miz, bandaged up, makes his way to the ring to a good reaction. He grabs a microphone and says that he is going to team up with his former partner from "The Awesome Truth." R-Truth dances and sings on his way to the ring and asks Hidalgo, Texas "What's up?" Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins come down from the same area where Ambrose came out from earlier. At the end of the match, Ambrose interferes and gets the Shield Disqualified. While The Shield is attacking R-Truth, The Miz returns to the ring with a steel chair and The Shield flees. Winner: "The Awesome Truth" via Disqualification.



The next match was a Handicap match. The Great Khali vs. 3MB (without Heath Slater.) Long story short, The Great Khali picks up Jinder Mahal for the Punjabi Plunge and is victorious. Winner: The Great Khali.

For the next match Antonio Cesaro gets heat by calling the audience "A bunch of illegal immigrants." He is booed until Justin Gabriel makes his way to the ring. After a good match that included several uppercuts to Gabriel's jaw and a 40+ second spin, Gabriel is victorious after connecting with the 450° Splash. Winner: Justin Gabriel.

The Main Event begins with John Laurinaitis making his way to the ring. He calls out the Big Show and makes him sit down in a chair at ringside. If Big Show interferes in the match he will not get paid. Randy Orton makes his way the ring first to a huge pop. Daniel Bryan also receives a very positive reaction as most fans were throwing their hands in the air and yelling yes. Both Superstars perform their signature moves including Bryan's YES kicks and Randy Orton's DDT. Orton executes a Superplex on Bryan and almost pulls out the win. Ultimately, Daniel Bryan reverses Orton's RKO and connects with his Running Knee finisher. Winner: Daniel Bryan.


The Shield begins attacking Daniel Bryan immediately after he pulls out the win. Before he is put in Triple Powerbomb position, The Miz and R-Truth come out to help. When the Shield begins to gain the upper hand, Big Show attacks. After The Shield runs away, Daniel Bryan, The Miz, R-Truth and the Big Show celebrate. Big Show and Daniel Bryan hug and make their way backstage.

Biggest Pops: Big Show, The Miz, Orton, Bryan.
Most Heat: Antonio Cesaro.

Jose Alejos and Hector Rodriguez contributed to this article.