WWE Main Event Recap (W/ Video): Fandango & Big E Team Up, Big Show Vs. Sandow, Axel Vs. Gabriel

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- Fandango and Summer Rae kick us off this week. Big E Langston is out next as his partner. The Usos make their entrance.

The Usos vs. Fandango & Big E Langston

Uso is ready for a fight but Fandango wants to gyrate. Uso starts a clap in the crowd and does some 'poppin and lockin.' Uso gets the best of Fandango and Big E comes in. Langston overpowers Uso with a huge knee to the gut. Fandango tags back in to reap the reward. Uso hits a high hiptoss and tags his brother who goes for a Running Stinkface but Big E pulls Fandango to safety. Uso dives to the floor but Big E catches him. Uso's brother leaps as well and takes them both out as we go to a commercial.

Back to action in the ring as Uso mixes it up with Fandango. Fandango ducks to the floor for a breather. He tags Langston who no-sells Uso's strikes and lands big clothesline. Fandango claps on the apron. Langston with a big splash for 2. Fandango tags back in to capitalize. Quick tags from Fandango and Langston. Big E with shoulders to Uso in the corner. Fandango with a suplex for 2. Fandango goes up top but Uso hits the ropes to make him fall.

Summer Rae looks horrified at ringside. Uso makes the hot tag to his brother and he speeds things up against Big E. Uso hits the Running Stinkface to Big E in the corner as Fandango clutches his ankle on the floor. Big E connects with a big clothesline in the ring but Uso slips out of the Big Ending. He tags his brother after a superkick who comes off the top with a Superfly Splash for the win.

Winners by pin: The Usos

- We go to more of the exclusive sit-down interview that Michael Cole had with HHH. Cole asks if Stephanie is using the Big Show to settle her own vendettas. Hunter says Miz was disrespectful and the truth his wife was talking hurt him. Hunter calls Miz a smartass. Cole laughs and finds it ironic that the founder of DX would find someone being a smartass a bad thing. HHH says he backed it up but Miz can't.

- We go back to the arena as The Big Show makes his entrance. We see footage of him knocking Miz out on RAW. Back from a break as Damien Sandow makes his entrance.

The Big Show vs. Damien Sandow

Show looks solemn. Sandow verbally antagonizes him and Show shoves him on his butt. Sandow goes out and grabs his briefcase and yells that he is the future world champion. Back in the ring, Show goes to work with chops in the corner. Sandow tries to fight back but Show unloads with chops. Sandow pokes the eyes and gets some shots in but Show overpowers him to the ropes. Show misses with an elbow and Sandow pounces on him. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain and gets 2. Show works his way up from a headlock and drops Sandow on the mat. Show hits the KO for the win.

Winner by pin: The Big Show

Show breaks the MITB briefcase free of the handcuffs around the post and lays it on Sandow's chest and leaves the ring. Tony Chimel announces that Sandow is still the MITB contract winner and "the guaranteed next World Heavyweight Champion."

- Back from a commercial as we go to video of the CM Punk from RAW. Punk vs. Ryback is official for Battleground.

- Curtis Axel makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman. Back from a break as Justin Gabriel makes his entrance.

Curtis Axel vs. Justin Gabriel

They lock up and Curtis ties up in the ropes to break a hammer lock. Axel with a dropkick and a headlock on the mat. Gabriel with a shoudlerblock to take control with an armbar. Gabriel rolls into a pin attempt and gets 2. We get a "walrus" chant. Curtis takes control with chops in the corners of the ring. A "CM Punk" chant; Heyman looks disgusted. More innovative pin attempts from Gabriel. He gets 2. Axel shoves Gabriel in the center of the ring and Gabriel sends him falling to the floor with one strike.

Heyman gives Axel encouragement on the outside. Gabriel slides under the ropes but Axel moves and hits him with a clothesline on the floor. Back from a break with Axel in control of Gabriel on the canvas in the ring. Gabriel fights back but gets hit with a lariat to the back of the head for 2. Axel continues with slow, methodical offense.

Gabriel starts to get a flurry going. He lands some kicks and an axe to the head of Axel. Gabriel springs off with a crossbody and gets 2. Gabriel springs for a moonsault but Axel rolls out of the way. Gabriel with a corkscrew to Axel, to the floor. Axel gets the first-man-in advantage and kicks Gabriel in the head and drops him with a neckbreaker. Gabriel kicks out.

Axel with a Saito Suplex for another near fall. Heyman screams at Axel that he is better than CM Punk and orders him to take Gabriel out. Gabriel avoids a swinging neckbreaker and connects with a kick to the head of Axel. Gabriel lands the springboard moonsault but Axel kicks out at the last second. Gabriel goes up top but Axel rolls out of the way. Gabriel with a sit-down powerbomb for another close fall. Axel rolls out of the ring and pulls Gabriel's arm or something and Gabriel clutches his head as he falls back on the mat. Axel hits a swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Curtis Axel

Heyman celebrates in the ring with Axel as we go off the air.


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