Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. Scott Dawson and Alexander Rusev (with Sylvester LeFort)

Amore and Dawson start off. They lock up and Dawson backs Amore against the ropes. Amore fights out with headshots. Cassady comes in. He knees Dawson in the gut and clubs him in the back several times. Amore comes in and hits Dawson in the chest and head multiple times. Dawson comes back with a huge clothesline. He slaps Amore in the back of the head. Rusev comes in and kicks Amore in the gut. He knees Amore in the gut and drops headbutts.

Rusev takes Amore to the ropes and knees him in the back. He then hits Amore with a bodyslam. Dawson comes in and lands a back elbow. He hits Cassady off the apron and Rusev comes in. Dawson holds Amore and the Rusev hits him with his spinning heel kick. Dawson tries to pin Amore but then gets off quickly when he realizes Rusev is legal. Rusev tries to pin Amore but the ref calls for the bell. It wasn’t clear at first why, but William Regal said it was because the ref reached the five count because Dawson didn’t leave the ring.

Winner by DQ: Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady

Rusev stays on top of Enzo and LeFort gets into the ring and argues with the ref.

Bo Dallas then comes down to the ring. He says he wants to thank all his bolievers for the support he has been given. He says it makes him feel like he believes he can fly. Bo says he came out during Sami Zayn’s match to support him because they’re friends. He says when he is healed he has no problem giving Zayn a match, but not a title match because Zayn hasn’t earned it. Dallas says to keep supporting him and when in doubt, don’t stop bolieveing.

Renee Young is backstage with CJ Parker. She asks what’s going on with him and Tyler Breeze. He says that Breeze is totally in love with himself and that he is totally in touch with himself. Breeze wants to horde his love, but Parker wants to spread his love all over the world. He says what a clash and that it all started with some fun and games, a bit of photo loving. Breeze then attacks Parker from behind and then takes a picture with him.

Sasha Banks vs. Paige

They lock up and chain wrestle. Paige slams her against the ropes and pulls them back twice. Banks knees Paige in the gut. Paige does her rope attack again for a two count. Paige gets a few pin attempts. Banks gets a pin attempt. Banks locks in a waist lock. Paige backs her into the corner and hits back elbows to escape. She then hits Banks with her corner seated boot stomps. Banks kicks Paige and pulls her into the turnbuckles.

Back from commercial and Banks has Paige in a camel clutch. Paige gets out, but Banks locks in a body scissors. Paige fights out and Banks hits a back elbow. Banks locks in another body scissors. Paige reverses out and attempts a pin, but Banks kicks out and hits a dropkick. Banks locks in another body scissors. Paige gets out and Banks kicks her in the gut. Banks goes for a Suplex, but Paige counters with a fisherman’s Suplex. Paige rolls to the apron.

Banks goes to grab Paige, but she headbutts her. Paige pulls Banks through the ropes and knees her in the head ten times. Banks gets a roll up for a near pin fall. Paige goes for a dropkick, but Banks holds onto the ropes. Banks gets a crossbody and goes for the pin, but Paige reverses, using Banks’s momentum to get the pin for the win.

Winner: Paige

Paige pats Banks on the back but Banks shoves her hand away. Paige offers her hand to Banks and Banks refuses. Paige goes to leave the ring and Banks attacks her from behind. Banks hit Paige with a straightjacket neckbreaker and then stands above Paige.

Back from commercial and Summer Rae walks up to Banks and asks how it felt to attack Paige. Banks says it felt great and it’s all because of Summer. She says Summer brought out the rage inside her and hugs her.

Leo Kruger vs. Xavier Woods

Woods immediately charges Kruger, who runs away. Kruger rolls out of the ring. Woods chases. Kruger rolls in the ring and when Woods gets back in, Kruger rolls out the other side. Woods grabs Kruger by the hair. Kruger reverses and snaps his arm across the center rope. Kruger gets inside and goes to work on Woods’s arm. Woods tries to fight out multiple times by backing into the corner and landing strikes to no avail.

Woods finally gets out and gets a hurricanrana, sending Kruger outside. Woods goes for a dive but Kruger moves and Woods collides with the floor. Back from commercial and Kruger is kicking Woods against the ropes. He drops a pair of elbows on Woods and gets a one count. Kruger hits a Suplex. He pulls Woods’s jaw apart and then hits a headshot. He goes back to work on Woods’s arm. He drives knees into the back of Woods’s arm.

Woods fights out and lands multiple kicks. Woods lands a dropkick. He bounds off the ropes, but Kruger reverses into a backbreaker. Kruger hits a vertical Suplex. Kruger leaps off the second rope, but Woods moves. Woods hits a back elbow. Woods lands a series of headshots and chops. He headbutts Kruger and lands a dropkick. Xavier goes for It’s Morphin Time/Honor Roll (not sure what its technical name is) but Kruger catches him and hits a Spinebuster for a near pin fall.

Woods hits an enziguri, followed by Lost in the Woods for a near pin fall. He successfully hits It’s Morphin Time/Honor Roll and then his finisher for the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods