– WWE will return to Dallas on December 16th with a post-TLC RAW episode.

– As noted earlier, Kane is confirmed to appear at the WWE Studios Q&A panels for Leprechaun and See No Evil 2 at the New York City Comic Con next month. Also as noted, Hornswoggle will also be appearing. That event is already sold out.

– Here are some updated DVD numbers for WWE Studios:

* Dead Man Down has sold 107,211 DVD copies and 64,000 Blu-ray copies. The movie didn’t do well in theaters but has turned out to be a hit on DVD and Blu-ray.

* The Call has sold 400,698 DVD copies and WWE Studios are already working on a sequel, as noted before.

* 12 Rounds: Reloaded with Randy Orton has sold 61,226 DVD copies since late July, way behind what Marine 3: Homefront with The Miz did in the same time period as that movie moved 171,885 DVD copies.

Dustin Avila contributed to this article.