Santino Marella vs. JTG

They lock up and shove each other around the ring. They break up and tie up again. JTG tries for a shoulder knockdown, but Santino doesn’t move. JTG locks in Santino’s head and tries for another shoulder knockdown to no avail. Santino comes at JTG kicking, but JTG dodges. JTG whips Santino and Santino powerwalks across the ring. JTG tries to hit a clothesline, but Santino counters. Santino laughs at JTG and JTG shoves Santino. Santino comes at JTG in Cobra stance, but JTG hides behind the ref.

JTG hits Santino from behind and then hits a belly to back neck breaker. JTG slams Santino’s head into the turnbuckle and then chokes him on the middle rope. JTG locks in Santino’s head and takes him down to the mat. Santino tosses JTG off, but JTG hits Santino in the throat. JTG slingshots Santino while under the bottom rope. JTG goes up top and attempts to drop a knee, but Santino moves.

Santino drops his headbutt and puts the Cobra on. JTG dodges and locks in a sleeper. Santino gets out and hits the Cobra for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella

Then, Daniel Bryan being stripped of the WWE Title from RAW is shown.

Next, a recap of the match between Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton is shown, followed by the Dusty Rhodes segment from RAW.

Drew McIntyre (with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater) vs. Kofi Kingston

Collar and elbow tie up. Kofi shoves Drew off to the corner. Kofi locks in a waist lock. Drew reverses and locks in Kofi’s arm. Kofi reverses and wrenches Drew’s arm behind his back. Drew fights out with a back elbow and strikes Kofi in the corner. Drew goes for a powerbomb, but Kofi reverses into a hurricanrana. Kofi hits an arm drag and locks back in Drew’s arm. Drew gets to his feet and clubs Kofi in the back. He locks in a standing side head lock. Drew hits a shoulder knockdown. Kofi comes back with a crossbody and a dropkick that sends Drew into the corner.

Kofi leaps on Drew and punches him in the face multiple times. Drew tries to fight out, but Kofi hits a monkey flip. Drew rolls to the outside for a breather. Back from commercial and they kick each other at the same time. Drew sets Kofi on top in the corner. Drew hits what looks like an Alabama Slam, only with Kofi facing out rather than towards Drew’s back (not sure what the actual name is). Drew kicks and strikes Kofi in the corner. Kofi battles back with gut strikes. Kofi gets a pin attempt. Drew strikes him to the mat and stomps on his head. He then chokes Kofi on the bottom rope.

Drew distracts the ref and Slater hits Kofi. Drew then locks Kofi in a submission on the mat. Kofi gets to his feet and reverses a clothesline attempt into an inside cradle. Drew kicks out and hits a dropkick to the head. Drew attacks Kofi in the corner. He goes to the apron and kicks Kofi in the head. He pulls Kofi over the bottom rope and hits his chest. Drew gets back in the ring and charges Kofi in the corner. Drew goes up top and hits a clothesline for a near pin fall.

Drew goes up top again. Kofi hurricanranas him off. Kofi hits his chest strikes, followed by a dropkick and a leaping clothesline. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and signals for Trouble in Paradise. Slater distracts Kofi and Drew hits a body avalanche. Drew whips Kofi. Kofi counters and kicks Drew out of the ring. He then kicks Drew through the ropes and sends him back in the ring. Mahal gets up on the apron. Drew charges Kofi. Kofi moves and Drew stops to avoid hitting Mahal. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise to the back of Drew’s head for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Then, Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns is shown to end the show.