Damien Sandow Looks Back At His "Heroic Act," WWE In Providence Tonight (Reports Wanted)

- WWE will be presenting a live event tonight at 7:30pm at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, RI, followed by an event this Sunday evening at 5pm at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. CM Punk will face Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman in a handicap match at both shows, while World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio will defend his title against The Great Khali. The Wyatt Family, Damien Sandow and Tons of Funk are amongst the names also scheduled to appear. We would appreciate a report for either of these shows, so if you are attending one, please send us a report by clicking here.

- Philly.com has an interview with Damien Sandow, who was promoting Sunday's live event in Philadeplhia. During the interview, Sandow discussed winning the Money In The Bank ladder match.

"I'm not sure if you saw this or not, but Cody [Rhodes] was actually inches away from the briefcase then the ladder was about to fall," Sandow, who actually pushed Cody off the ladder, said. "And I went to go hold the ladder, but as Cody went to fall I went to go catch him but I was just about a second too late."

"I knew Cody would have tried to climb it again so to prevent him from further injuring himself, I, in what many are calling the most heroic act in the history of the WWE, climbed a broken ladder and grabbed the briefcase myself from further injury. That's the kind of human being I am."

Sandow also discussed wrestling on the independent scene, training with Killer Kowalski and more, you can read the full interview at this link.


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