– FOX 2 Now in St. Louis interviewed Daniel Bryan ahead of last week’s RAW, which you can watch in the video above. During the interview, Bryan discussed being on the road with Brie Bella, feuding with Randy Orton and teaming with Kane being “a lot of fun.” He also said that he loved being a bad guy.

“I always loved being the bad guy, even though now a lot of people cheer me,” Bryan admitted. “It’s so much fun to just go in there and be hated. One of the funnest times in my career was when I was doing ‘No,’ and everybody else was doing ‘Yes,’ and getting in everyone’s faces. It was just a blast.”

– Speaking of Bryan, The Daily Times NG has an article at this link about Bryan influencing Eaglets football forward Kelechi Iheanacho’s goal celebration.

“I watch him on TV and I love the way he whips up the crowd this way, so I decided to copy it,” Iheanacho said. “The fans seemed to like it, too.”