ECW Original Disputes Matt Hardy's ECW Title Reign, Hardy & Shane Helms In Action At OMEGA Tonight

Former ECW star CW Anderson will face Matt Hardy tonight in a qualifying match to compete for the OMEGA Heavyweight Championship. The event will take place at Margaret Pollard Middle School in Chapel Hill, NC at 7:30 pm, and will also feature Shane Helms facing "King" Shane Williams and Reby Sky clashing with Amber O'Neil. In the video above, CW Anderson discusses facing Hardy tonight and disputes Matt Hardy's ECW title reign after WWE brought back the brand.

"Really? People like the originals, like myself, we think that Disney version that WWE brought back, that's not ECW," Anderson said. "That's not what's it's about in being an original. What it's about is blood, sweat and heart, 'Mr. Stronger Than Death.' I'll tell you what, the main event [tonight], you bring 'stronger than death' and I'm going to show you what's it's like to go to the extreme."

The event will benefit Margaret B. Pollard Middle School. You can get more details at

Also, you can watch the main event of OMEGA's "Chinlock For Chuck" event, which was the promotion's relaunch in January of 2013, at this link. The main event featured Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shane "Hurricane" Helms & "Cowboy" James Storm battling Gunner, Steve Corino, CW Anderson & Lodi.