Former WCW Wrestler Reveals Major Problems With His Neck, Back And Elbow

Former WCW star Scotty Riggs has posted a new blog on Facebook with results from recent MRI and CT scans. Riggs, age 46, says his doctors told him he has the neck of a 75 year old. Here's what he wrote:

"***Finally got my MRI/CT test results... in other words finally took my ass to the docs to get the results...... 1) CT on elbow (already had 3 surgeries on it) tests showed continued degeneration of the joint with multiple bone spurring and a new subchondral cyst that is putting pressure on nerve... which is why the forearm and last 2 fingers are progressively atrophying ...with small bony ossicle adjacent to radial head and no remaining cartilage in elbow joint...... 2) MRI on neck –degenerative spondylotic changes from C3-C7, straightening/loss of lordosis where there should be a curve in neck... C4-5, C5-6 and C6-T1 herniated discs with desiccation through out the C3-C7 (drying up of discs and fluid in cervical spine) and bone spurs at C4-5, C5-6... with mild narrowing of neural foramina bilaterally — to sum this up, my doc said I have the neck of a 75 yr old, not bad for a 46 yr old (LOL)...... 3)MRI on lower back –herniated discs at the T11-12, L1-2, L4-5, L5-S1 with continued desiccation and spondylosis in spine and mild stenosis L3-4, L4-5 with bone spurring at L2-3, L3-4 L5-S1 ***

"This is basically summed up by my doc telling me that he's surprised I'm not a grumpy, pissed off grouch all the time from the pain/discomfort and that it is physically relevant to my depression upon how my body is telling my brain how much crap it's going through.... The cool thing about all this is it allows me to just be the "middle-aged and CRAZY" jackass that I love being.... it keeps me in the proper mood to rep the Kult of Kayfabe, ya gotta be a crazy sum b—h to keep up with those MF'ers.... And I'm thankful that DDPYOGA has become a lifestyle training routine and diet that are keeping me as healthy as I want to be.... that's all for now, thanks for reading reading my medical progress report that I know no one really gives a rats ass about......... so, have a good night and Godspeed."