Hulk Hogan Promotes Impact Taping In Tulsa; Indication Of Him Still Being In TNA?

Hulk Hogan may have "quit" TNA on last week's airing of Impact Wrestling, but apparently that hasn't stopped him from doing promotion for this week's tapings in Tulsa, Oklahoma for

The article does mention that the interview was done 'recently' via telephone and that Hogan may not be at Thursday's show, but the interview could still be an indication that Hogan is still with TNA Wrestling.


In the interview Hogan stayed in character and continued to play up tension with TNA president Dixie Carter, saying:

"I think Dixie has flipped the switch or something, she's off on a tangent here."

Hogan also spoke in present tense about the creative and production side of TNA:

"It's an artform and a lot of the artform has been lost because the TV demands that things happen fast and get out of the ring. So we're trying to make wrestling how it should be."


Uno The Great contributed to this article.