Jim Ross Blog: Hodge In The WWE Hall Of Fame, The WWE Performance Center, Getting Drafted

- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

On being drafted to SmackDown back in 2008:
I was asked about being 'drafted' to Smackdown in 2008 and my reaction to such. Obviously, if you were watching I wasn't enthralled about that creative move which I think was an inside joke that someone in creative sold upper management on just to see my reaction. Of course, I could be wrong but I did not, and still do not, see any reason for breaking Jerry Lawler and me up.


That's simply how i feel and it may well be my ego talking so take those comments with a grain of salt. That was a turning point for me as it relates to truly having fun on the road doing TV. At that point, it came more like a job which is how many broadcasters today perceive their work. Until then, I had never approached that role in that manner. I had been told the night before the Draft in San Antonio that I wasn't going any where and that why would WWE break up "Madden and Summerall?"

WWE Performance Center:
Nothing in WWE is more important than what goes on in the WWE Performance Center. Nothing. I expect that procedures there to continue to evolve in every way including the personnel who are depended upon to coach up the prospects. Over time, I'm thinking that WWE must continue to invest in that process as it relates to teaching methods and overall approach. Every great system has to be continually re-evaluated and refined. The future of WWE rests in Orlando at the Performance Center.


Danny Hodge in the WWE Hall of Fame:
On the WWE HOF topic that so many ask me about, for Dan Hodge not to be in the WWE HOF is another name that can be added to the list of 'head scratchers.' Hodge is in every Hall of Fame in the sport, both amateur and pro, except WWE, if I'm not mistaken. Dan was a legend in the days before cable TV, etc and of all the Oklahomans who are in the WWE HOF Danny Hodge is the most deserving. Plus, Hodge was a star in the Louisiana territory aka Mid South Wrestling that made New Orleans it's top market. Dan is in his 80's and can likely still beat a large percentage of pro wrestlers in the biz or at least those that play the role of a pro wrestler on television.