The Huffington Post has an article at this link about WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen. The article contains comments by John Cena, who noted that his youngest brother had an inoperable brain tumor. According to Cena, early detection contributed to his brother being alive today.

“He’s the last of five boys, so he’s the most reserved out of all of us,” said Cena. “I saw what he went through though, and the treatment he had to rely upon. I saw him going through being a boy to becoming a man. What he went through keeps us so motivated. Around the family, we call him our ‘silent champion.’

Susan G. Komen President and CEO, Dr. Judith A. Salerno, noted that the partnership with WWE “far exceeded” their expectations.

“Last year after National Breast Cancer Awareness month, we received a $1 million donation from WWE,” Salerno said. “More than that, though, we were able to increase awareness about breast cancer issues among women and men, which has been a huge advantage for us… The awareness that came with the attention that John Cena gave to this issue and Susan G. Komen through WWE has been great.”

You can read the full article at this link.