Konnan was on the Asked w/ Riv and Landin podcast to discuss the new MLW VIP package and AAA’s plans to move to the USA and compete with WWE and TNA. During the interview, he was asked about Sunny’s cancer fund raiser, and stated that he doubts Sunny is even being truthful about having cancer because she is a known liar.

Konnan did not have kind words for Curtis Axel, who he said was boring, and referred to as “wonder bread.” He stated Axel needs to watch his father’s old films and get a charisma transplant.

When asked whether or not he has heat with CM Punk, Konnan stated he’s never had a problem with Punk personally, put Punk over as a talented performer, and said the reports of him having a big ego are all second hand.

In regards to TNA possibly being put up for sale, Konnan said he’s not surprised and he hopes Jeff Jarrett is the buyer.

Konnan also weighed in on the allegations of long time friend Bill Demott abusing NXT trainees, his heat with Hernandez, and his disgust with the recent Eddie Guerrero hoax on twitter. You can watch the full interview in the video above.