News From Today's Earnings Call: Vince Not Happy With SummerSlam, Business To Be Transformed?

Here are notes from today's WWE earnings call:

Vince McMahon opened the call. He said that WWE Studios was doing well and there was an increase in television rights revenue, but was not happy with the SummerSlam buy rate. Vince said that fans didn't buy the attraction, and pay-per-views are based on the attraction.

Vince touted the success of Total Divas and the increase in online pay-per-view buys, and mentioned John Cena's clothing line at K Mart.

Vince spoke briefly about the Network, just stating that they were looking at "traditional and non-traditional means."

Vince talked about their TV deals coming up, and noted that they had more viewers than NASCAR. There are also international deals in the UK and India coming up and they are looking to secure new deals. He said that business will be "transformed" with their new deals.

George then went over the earning presentation, which you can view here.

After going over the earnings presentation, the lines were opened for the Q&A.

Vince said that exclusive negotiating period with NBC at the beginning of the year, and they will go elsewhere if need be. He thinks a deal will be struck shortly thereafter.

Vince said for pay-per-view you need the right attraction, and SummerSlam was a "swing and a miss." George said that they are working hard to make sure that all of their business sectors see growth.

That was it, there were only a couple of questions for the Q&A.


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